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T3019HZW0 Standard Thermostatregler Thera-6


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T3019HZW0 Standard Thermostatregler Thera-6


Bei den Thermostatreglern Thera-6 handelt es sich um selbsttätige Regler, die den Durchfluss von Warmwasser durch thermostatische Heizkörperventile regeln. Auf diese Weise wird die Raumtemperatur kontinuierlich auf den am Thermostatkopf gewählten Sollwert einreguliert.

Der Thera-6 ist ein kompakter Thermostatregler, mit schlankem Design, hoher Energieeffizienz und langer Haltbarkeit. Dadurch ist er die ideale Wahl für Anwendungen bei der Wohnraumbeheizung.


  • Premium quality, liquid-filled, German-made sensor with high setting force and minimum hysteresis
  • Closed handle preventing dust accumulation
  • Handle made of non-yellowing ASA plastic for permanent good appearance
  • Internal structural ring from high-strength plastic for long durability
  • Highest-class Control Accuracy per amended EN215
  • TELL "I -class" energy efficiency certified according TELL labeling scheme
  • Compact size to fit most installations even with limited space available
  • Modern, stylish, easy to clean design
  • Easy to operate with ergonomic torque to turn the head to desired setting
  • Temperature range limitation by accessory range locks
  • Frost protection setting
  • A high-stroke variant enabling higher 2K p-band flows and proportional regulation with small p-band
  • Standard M30 x 1.5 connection to the valve body according to EN 215
  • Variants with connection for Danfoss RA and Macon/MMA valves
  • Variants with remote sensor on a 6.6 ft (2 m) capillary
  • Compatible with all MNG, Braukmann, Honeywell and Honeywell Home thermostatic valves with M30x1,5 connection produced by Resideo and its predecessors since 1974



T3019HZW0 Standard Thermostatregler Thera-6
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