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V5006TY10150600 - Valve stroke 2.9 mm, DN15

SKU: V5006TY10150600

Product overview

The V5006T Kombi-QM is a Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV).

It combines a flow controller and a full stroke, full authority temperature controller in one valve. Equipped with an actuator Kombi-QM provides a full stroke modulating temperature control. It is suitable for use in variable and constant flow systems. They may be used as constant flow limiter in constant flow systems (without an actuator) or as a Pressure Independent Control Valve in variable flow systems. V5006T Kombi-QM is typically used for balancing and temperature control of fan coil units, air handling units, chilled ceilings and one-pipe heating systems.

  • Automatic balancing of differential pressure
  • Precise pressure independent flow performance
  • Highest energy saving potential due to efficient energy transfer and minimised pump speed
  • Integrated measuring possibility to find the optimal setpoint for the pump
  • Reduced movements of actuators as pressure fluctuation do not influence the required temperature
  • No complex calculation needed for selection
  • No balancing method needed for commissioning
  • Wide range of application
  • Sizes DN15 up to DN250
  • Various versions to support standard flow rates as well as low flow and high flow needs
  • Covers two functions in one valve which reduces mounting costs
  • Easy commissioning
  • Presetting with visual flow scale at the valve
  • Presetting by hand without the need of tools
  • Presetting possible even when the system is running and an actuator is already mounted
  • Can balance a system even if only some parts of a building are in operation
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Measuring possibility for problematic applications
  • Emergency shut-off function with plastic cap not for permanent use, presetting with visual flow scale at the valve and presetting by hand without the need of tools possible for following versions: V5006TY10150150, V5006TY10150600, V5006TY10150780, V5006TY10201000, V5006TY10201500, V5006TY10251500, V5006TY10202200, V5006TY10202700, V5006TY10252200, V5006TY10252700, V5006TY10322700, V5006TY10323000
  • Materials: Valve housing made of dezincification-resistant brass; Sealings made of EPDM; Pressure test valves made of brass; Handwheel with scale and cover cap made of plastic


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