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V2000DFX15 - Body pattern straight to DIN, 15 mm, 1/2 in

SKU: V2000DFX15

Product overview

The V2000FX is a range of thermostatic radiator valves with engineered proportional flow control characteristic for pumped two-pipe heating systems with low flow requirements.

The valve features a superior regulation performance in lowflow applications, providing a better comfort and energy efficiency to the end user. The V2000FX valves have a quiet operation and are available in straight, angled, axial and double angle patterns in DN10 and DN15.

  • Engineered to feature proportional characteristic in the thermostatic control of low flows
  • Flow rates easily adjustable by a setting key
  • Maximum flow limited to max. 130 % of nominal flow to prevent misbalance during heating of cooled down rooms
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong restoring spring, which is not immersed in water, ensuring durability of the valve
  • Double o-ring seal for maintenance-free operation
  • Standard dimensions per EN215, complemented with an extended range of patterns
  • Standard M30 x 1.5 thermostat connection
  • Valves can be shut-off with the protection cap
  • V2000FX valves are compatible with the following Honeywell Home actuators: All radiator thermostats with M30 x 1.5 Connection, HR types of Evohome and Roomtronic actuators, MT4 actuators, M4410E/K and M7410E5001 modulating actuators
  • The valve insert can be replaced while the system is operating and without draining using the service tool
  • Valve housing and insert fits to Honeywell Home AT Concept design, ensuring housing and insert cross compatibility with MNG, Honeywell and Honeywell Home thermostatic valves produced by Resideo and its predecessors since 1974


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