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V1810Y0020 DN20 mm, R3/4 Alwa-Kombi-4 valve with internal threads

SKU: V1810Y0020

Product overview

The Alwa-Kombi-4 is used as throttle valve for hydronic balancing of warm potable water circulation systems.

To achieve a hydronic balance the flow in the circulation pipe is throttled by manually presetting the valve. The valve can also be equipped with a thermal actuator which allows a regulation of the water temperature in the circulation system to the exact degree. The thermal actuator can be installed without interruption of the warm water supply. When the thermal actuator 50 - 60 °C (122 - 140 °F) is used, a thermal disinfection according to DVGW worksheet W551 and W553 is supported. Hydronic balance is also retained during the thermal disinfection process to ensure disinfection of all pipelines and risers.

  • Meets KTW requirements
  • For regulation according to DVGW worksheets W551 and W553
  • Valve housing and all parts with flow-contact made of corrosion-resistant, dezincification-resistant brass
  • Retrofittable automatic temperature-control with support of thermal disinfection
  • Draining option with retrofittable and removable draining adapter
  • No additional side connections to valve housing
  • Cavity-free cartridge with maintenance-free spindle sealing
  • Spindle thread is isolated from the flow
  • Seat sealing made of PTFE
  • Visible, digital presetting dial with concealed presetting handwheel
  • High accuracy due to factory calibration to every single valve
  • WRAS appoval up to 85 °C, Suitable connections see 'Connections for Alwa-valves.


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