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A woman washers he hair under running water.


For a long-lasting and efficient heating system, conditioned heating water is required.

A faucet of running hot water.

Save more with an efficient heating system

If the heating system is supplied with appropriately conditioned heating water, it works extremely efficiently and durably.

A woman is submerged in a bath tub.

Minimize corrosion. Maximize heating system life

The composition of the water is crucial when it comes to corrosion. With suitable water quality (by softening or desalination according to VDI2035) and a specific operation mode, corrosion damage can be reduced.

A broom stands next to a water boiler.

Happy homeowner

Resideo is a heating system partner you and your customers can rely on. Our innovative product portfolio delivers solutions that have a long history of providing deep customer satisfaction.

Heating System Protection