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Resideo continues to be open for business and we’re focused on doing everything we can to help our customers during this unprecedented time. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of comfort, safety and security solutions, much of what Resideo does has been identified as “Essential Business” in many markets, a designation we take seriously. Currently, our inventory positions for finished products continue to be sufficient around the world.

Resideo's cross-functional COVID-19 task force meets daily to monitor the global situation and to mitigate any possible impact to our operations. Here are some of its focus areas and solutions:

  • Ensure continuation of product production in our facilities, distribution centers, warehouses and factories to help ensure we’re able to produce solutions for our global customers. Actions include implementing employee social distancing and cleaning facilities, equipment, tools, and common areas.
  • Implement CDC best practices in factories or laboratories for those employees’ whose roles are critical to meet the needs of our customers and need to perform their roles in a Resideo facility. For example, our technical customer support teams are operating at full capacity to provide customer support.
  • Utilize inbound premium freight when necessary to close supply gaps. Our Integrated Supply Chain team continues to work daily with our vendors to validate component deliveries.
  • Provide sales support and guidance to our more than 110,000 comfort, security and plumbing professionals to help them navigate a new normal, including showcasing how our solutions can be installed with minimal homeowner interaction.
  • Identify new approaches to how we do business, including lowering our pre-paid freight allowance hurdle and eliminating drop-ship fees, enabling our distributors to ship products directly to HVAC contractors.

We know these are challenging times. We value our customers and their loyalty to Resideo and we’re working hard to ensure we all come out of this together.

For Our Employees

While we continue to monitor the impact of the fast-changing coronavirus pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, to serve our global communities, and to ensure minimal disruption for our customers and supply chain.

Many of Resideo’s employees have roles that are classified as “Essential Business” by governmental agencies and continue to travel to Resideo locations to perform their job functions, while all other employees are working remotely. We have taken the following actions to help keep all our employees healthy and safe:

  • Work-from-home policy. Resideo was an early mover enabling a discretionary work from home policy for employees who are able to perform their roles remotely, which immediately reduced our employment density at our major locations and helped reduce the risk for employees whose roles can only be performed in a Resideo facility.
  • Supporting employees. In states and countries where local officials have issued shelter-in-place or stay-home executive orders, Resideo announced mandatory work from home policies for employees. We also enabled an IT infrastructure and technologies to ensure employees can maintain the same level of productivity. We provided our employees with a “Work from Home Enablement Guide” and encourage employees to actively collaborate on best practices with others.
  • Flatten the curve. We’re encouraging all employees to follow guidelines laid out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help slow the spread in their communities, in our offices and in our production facilities. These include:
    • social distancing
    • frequent washing of hands
    • additional alcohol-based hand rub dispensers and signage on these guidelines in all our facilities
    • requiring employees to stay home if returning from travel to any of the high-risk countries or if feeling any type of illness, among many others listed on the CDC site.
  • Proper cleaning. We increased the level of cleaning in all facilities during this time, and if we have a presumed positive case, we close the facility in accordance with the CDC guidelines and perform deep cleaning before opening again.
  • Minimize exposure. All business travel, including trips to visit customers, has been canceled until further notice. We also restricted any visitors to Resideo sites that are not essential; and for those essential guests, we’ve implemented a survey process to evaluate the individual’s exposure to coronavirus.


Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees and for candidates throughout the interview process is a primary concern at Resideo. Below, we've outlined some of the actions that should be of interest to you as you explore a career with us.

  • Interview process – Wherever possible, virtual interviews will continue to be the first preference. This reduces the need for travel and physical contact. Onsite or face-to-face interviews for leadership roles and roles that can only be performed in a Resideo facility, will be done following all health and safety protocols established by Resideo and in compliance with local and national health regulations.
  • Employees Working on-site. For those employees working onsite in one of our facilities, we have implemented numerous safety protocols including requiring face coverings, increased cleaning and sanitizing, requiring employees to stay home when ill, and social distancing requirements, among others. At our ADI branches, we have also installed plexiglass barriers to permit safe interaction with customers. These protocols create a safer environment for those who need to be at a site each day. If your role requires you to be onsite, please refer to the Employees section above for more information about the health and safety protocols established.
  • Work-from-home policy. Resideo has mandated work from home for all employees globally that are able to perform their primary job functions remotely (excluding China and Korea, where we continue to follow local guidance). This form of social distancing was put in place to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by reducing foot traffic and congregation of employees at our sites. This work from policy is in effect until further notice.
  • Site Audits – We conduct weekly audits at our factory locations to ensure our employees are following the health and safety protocols put in place for their protection.
  • Resources available for COVID-19 concerns –We encourage our employees to utilize a third-party hotline, managed by an independent company, to raise any concerns related to unsafe practices with respect to COVID-19.
  • Travel – Out of an abundance of caution, business travel remains tightly controlled at this time.
  • Other Actions:
    • For employee safety, we make available safety masks, face coverings, gloves, sanitizing solutions and wipes.
    • We've increased the level of cleaning in all facilities.
    • We've installed temperature screening devices in many of our locations worldwide.
    • We track reported COVID-19 cases and follow contact tracing guidelines as required by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health authorities
    • We've also restricted any visitors to Resideo sites that are not essential; and for those essential guests, we’ve implemented a COVID Questionnaire process to evaluate the individual’s fitness to be in our facility
    • We follow CDC and local guidelines regarding site cleaning and re-opening of the site once it has been cleaned

Providing employees with a safe workplace remains a top priority at Resideo.

Resideo Solutions

Resideo’s mission is to provide technology that delivers comfort, security and simplicity to the places people call home, which is even more important during these unprecedented and stressful times. Our network of professional HVAC contractors, security dealers and plumbers help homeowners create a safe and more comfortable environment.

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