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Data is Flowing Freely from your Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Good data. Good decisions.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second in a series of articles about water use in the home.

Many homeowners love a long, hot shower, but with about 2.1 gallons per minute going down the drain, guilt can also wash over us. A guilt-free shower is as simple as knowing more about how water is used in the home and adjusting, if necessary, to conserve. This is the kind of insight Resideo Buoy® Smart Water Management technology provides.

Connected through your home’s Wi-Fi network, the Resideo Buoy® Smart Water Management Connected Shutoff Valve is installed on the home’s main water supply, categorizes water usage and sends data to the homeowner’s app. Homeowners can immediately be notified of leaks, and the device automatically shuts off water. The water data tells an insightful, individualized story about water usage and rhythms throughout the home enabling the homeowner to adjust if necessary.

2018 Water Usage Study

According to recent research of Connected Shutoff Valve users, homeowners use most of their water during showers, baths and when using sinks.

Data is Flowing Freely from your Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets
2018 U.S. residential indoor water usage based on houses with a Connected Shutoff Valve (Source: Resideo)

Showers and baths use the most water at 38%, sinks (including dishwashers) are next at 23%, and toilets are 18%. That means half of an average home’s entire water usage happens in one of the smallest rooms in the house.

Breaking it down further, the research says that in the bathroom:

  • Only 30% of people wash their hands after using the toilet at home – eeew!
  • The average shower is only five minutes long. People shower most often on Mondays, and 10% less on Saturdays.
  • The showers that happen on Wednesday are eight percent longer than on Sunday, which is when they take the shortest showers.

In the kitchen:

  • Households are 10% less likely to run the dishwasher on Friday than Sunday.
  • Money and resources literally go down the drain when dishes are washed by hand – using up to 27 gallons per load instead of using an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher that can use as little as three gallons per load.

Real-Life Water Scenarios

Realtors always advise that, “kitchens and baths sell a home.” But for homeowners, kitchens and baths also are some of the most-common places for water leaks and water damage. Following are several customer stories that detail how important automatic water shutoff can be to the homeowner:

“I have a toilet with a sticky flapper – the Buoy app notified me of a leak a few minutes after I left the house (right after using it), and I was able to turn the water off remotely and avoid wasting hundreds of gallons before returning home a few hours later.” – Joel

“I thought my house had no leaks but we got the Buoy device because we thought it would be interesting to see where our water was being used. Turns out we had a slow leak in one of the bathroom taps that we'd never noticed, but the Buoy app spotted it and we ran it down. This would have caused a lot of damage if we'd not been alerted to it.” – Stefano

“We have a narrow, three-story home in San Francisco. The kids have a bathroom on the top floor. I had heard of the Buoy device but since we had just renovated our place I didn't think we needed to worry about our plumbing. Before going away for the weekend my six- year-old brushed his teeth in the bathroom and forgot to turn off the tap. We came back on the Monday night of a long weekend to find our entryway floors soaking wet. The sink had overflowed on to the floor and flowed down two full staircases and was soaking the first floor. All on our newly renovated hardwood floors and staircase. The next day, right after I got off the phone with the insurance company, I bought a Buoy device.” –  Robert

For homeowners looking for smarter water use, look no farther. From water conservation and cost savings to in-depth insights about our daily use, our Connected Shutoff Valve and additional app subscription delivers smart water management for the home.