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Is Your Smart Home just a Novelty – or a Necessity?

What to Expect from the Future Smart Home

Over the past 100 years, necessity has been the mother of invention for the home. From having a workable and clean water closet and indoor plumbing, to the incandescent light bulb and electricity flowing through the house, advancements in the home have been driven by homeowners wanting more convenience.

Photo: @inspire_me_home_décor

Recently, homeowners have started to add novel, connected gadgets – like voice-controlled speakers, connected lights or video doorbells. While the current smart home industry is focused on entertainment and novelty, it doesn’t prevent many of the headaches of home ownership. A truly smart home must offer something more. It must protect, prevent and react to changes in conditions – both inside the house, such as aging appliances, and outside, such as extreme weather conditions.

In a new article published on LinkedIn, Scott Harkins, Resideo’s vice president and general manager of the Connected Home, explains why consumers need to move their focus from novelty to necessity.

Read the full article on LinkedIn: When the Novelty Wears off, Rely on Necessity