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Professional Contractor Mike Holmes at NAHB International Builders' Show

Resideo Showcases Latest Solutions at NAHB International Builders' Show

Professional Contractor Mike Holmes shared thoughts on recent building trends

As the variety of smart home solutions continues to expand, consumers face many choices. Questions like, “Do I choose a trusted brand, or a newcomer” or “Which of these gadgets will actually make my home smarter and safer?”

NAHB showroom

In general, most homeowners don’t decide to purchase an entire connected home all at once. Rather, they typically migrate slowly into it as they see the benefits of the technologies to make their lives simpler and to protect their homes. Historically, a connected thermostat is the simplest entry point for consumers, which then expands to other lifestyle devices like lights, locks and voice assistants.

Still confused on how to start the smart home? Each day professional builders work with their clients to design the connected home of their dream. And recently, more than 90,000 home building professionals attended NAHB’s annual Design and Construction Week to learn about the latest in building products and technology.

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Petrina Zaraszczak, Resideo’s vice president and general manager of Comfort, spoke with Professional Contractor and TV Host, Mike Holmes, about the new building trends to keep an eye on whether you’re designing a house from the bottom up, or you’re looking to incorporate smart home solutions into your current home.