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Image of the REDLINK™ TECHNOLOGY connection.

5 surprising things you can solve with RedLINK™ Technology

Honeywell RedLINK™ Technology is the robust platform behind a full suite of wireless thermostats, zoning solutions and accessories. HVAC pros love RedLINK because it’s versatile, scalable and reliable – and also because it’s the easiest way to solve complex comfort challenges.

Here are 5 things you might not realize RedLINK can help you do.

  1. Connect a condensing unit or boiler to control devices without running wires
    Picture it: you’re upgrading a single-stage condensing unit to a multi-stage unit and have to figure out how to run new wires through the house and out to the equipment. Not an easy task. With Honeywell’s weatherproof Equipment Remote Module (ERM), you no longer have to waste time on wires.
    Using RedLINK Technology, the ERM enables control devices (like RedLINK thermostats) to communicate wirelessly with condensing units or boilers, eliminating the need to run long lengths of wire that can potentially cause wall damage.

  2. Help homeowners customize their comfort in a single-zone application
    In multi-level homes, it’s almost always going to be warmer upstairs than it is downstairs. Customers who struggle with their home’s hot and cold spots are perfect candidates for a zoning solution, but if they aren’t ready to pull the trigger, here’s a quick fix you can offer up.
    Meet the Portable Comfort Control, or PCC. The PCC can wirelessly sense temperature wherever it goes, so homeowners can remotely adjust the set point to make the room they’re in comfortable. Because they’re super easy to set up, PCCs make a great add-on sale. Plus, if your customer chooses to add zoning in the future, they can use the PCC to monitor and manage the temperature in every zone.

  3. Connect and control multiple IAQ devices without running wires to the thermostat
    Most thermostats have enough wires to cover heating and cooling, but if you want to connect additional devices like humidifiers, dehumidifiers or ventilation systems, forget it. Even if you have enough terminals at the thermostat, there’s the challenge of running wires from the equipment room.
    Here’s where RedLINK comes in. You can wire up to three IAQ devices to an Equipment Interface Module (EIM), which gets installed in the equipment room. The EIM then communicates wirelessly to a RedLINK thermostat like the Prestige® IAQ, enabling you to offer a robust home comfort solution without having to run wires through the house.

  4. Give customers total comfort control from anywhere
    With a RedLINK thermostat and the redesigned RedLINK Internet Gateway, your customers can control more than just temperature with Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort app – they can manage multiple zones, control humidity levels, view alerts and notifications, and more. The redesigned RedLINK Internet Gateway has all the same great functionality as before, but has a smaller, sleeker look and can now be wall-mounted.

  5. Create customized alerts using dry contact devices
    When used with an EIM, Honeywell’s dry contact sensors can detect things like water leaks, frozen coils, fan failure, full drain pans and more – and then send an alert to the homeowner’s RedLINK thermostat and/or their Total Connect Comfort app so they can take action.
    You can also program the heating or cooling system to take a specific action upon detection of certain alerts. For example, you can set up a water leak alert to shut off the call for humidification. Or, you can set up a fan failure alert to shut down the heating or cooling equipment – helping customers protect their investment.

These are just a few of the ways you can leverage RedLINK to solve complex comfort challenges. Want to learn more? Check out this interactive training module for a more in-depth look at RedLINK solutions.