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Resideo offers smart home products like Honeywell Home and Buoy

get super connected

Resideo has been making a name for itself creating solutions that connect security, energy, air and water, streamlining the day-to-day experience of being a homeowner. To better illustrate this—and immerse you in the world of smart home technology—we've created the Resideo Customer Experience Center. Learn more about the experience below and reserve your time to visit the Resideo CXC.

what is the resideo cxc/rcxc?

Located on the first floor of our headquarters in downtown Austin, the Resideo Customer Experience Center (RCXC) is a deep dive into the connected story of your home. Part science museum, part video game, you'll be introduced to 6 innovative, interactive exhibits, immersing you in the ecosystem that is the home.

are you ready to get connected?

The Resideo Customer Experience Center is open to the public and pros alike—and totally free. Use the link at the top of this page to reserve your time today.