Enroll in Pro Perks with just a few easy steps

1. Create

Select the "create account" button below then fill in your information.

Below the Resideo Pro sign-in area is a highlighted section with a prompt asking if you “Need a Pro Account?” Beneath that is a button to Create Account, and underneath that is a hyperlink to learn more about Resideo Pro

2. Confirm

Sign in to your Resideo Pro account and complete your company profile at pro.resideo.com.

At the top of the image are two tabs, Your Profile and Company Profile which has been selected. Below are the Company Profile’s required fields, which include Company Information and Shipping Address details.

3. Enroll

Select the "Enroll" button on your Pro account dashboard to finish signing up.

In this partial image of the dashboard, there are two buttons to enroll in Pro PERKS. The language below the second button speaks to the opportunity to grow your business, and the PERKS acronym is spelled out as Performance, Enablement, Rewards, Knowledge, and Services. Below that is a sentence that says, “We connect you with the tools and benefits to make your business grow.” Followed by a link to learn more.

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