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Large Advanced Bypass Humidifier


Honeywell Home Logo - Red

Large Advanced Bypass Humidifier


Enjoy maximum comfort in your home.

The Honeywell Home Bypass Humidifier delivers comfort throughout your home by using your central heating and cooling system. With a versatile design and easy-access pads, this humidifier helps manage your indoor humidity to create an enjoyable environment.

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Honeywell Home Bypass Humidifier automatically monitors home humidity levels, and the intuitive system only runs water and air when humidity is needed — saving up to 10,000 gallons of water per year, depending on the model and system.

The versatile design means the humidifier can work in a variety of homes and is easily installed with the help of a heating and cooling professional. Plus, user-friendly pad access makes maintenance and upkeep easier than ever.

Whether it’s a song belted in the shower or a whispered secret, your air goes beyond simply carrying oxygen to circulating memories. Heavy or light, hot or cold, always unique to your home, the air you feel is more than its temperature setting. Our Air products and services work with you and for you, supporting and creating more comfortable surroundings.

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Large Advanced Bypass Humidifier
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Getting Started

Get Started

Professional installations gets professional results. Find an authorized professional near you to complete your installation.


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Homeowner's Operating Manual for HE100, HE150, HE200, HE250 and HE300 Humidifiers (English, French, Spanish)

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