Rubber ducky in flooded room

the resideo home app, control when you need it most

Resideo Home puts you at the center of your smart home. With a holistic view of the status of your home, relevant alerts and remote controls, you can protect your home and the people in it, at the push of a button anytime, anywhere.


To get started using the Resideo Home app with your Resideo Water Leak Detector, download the app now.

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Home with Resideo Home App functions

whole home control

Configure, customize and control the connected devices from within the Resideo Home app.

Mobile Screen of Resideo Home App

get alerts

Get status updates on your home and notifications of any potential problems anywhere you are. Slow drips, spikes in utility usage, or unusual activity can all indicate a potentially costly repair. The Resideo Home app lets you know of possible issues as they are detected and gives you the tools to take action yourself or contact a professional for help.

Resideo Home app shut-off mobile screen


Not near your app when the alert gets sent? Resideo Home allows you to set up automatic responses to critical issues as soon as they are detected.