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ProSeries security and life safety platform

ProSeries life safety products connect to advanced smart home products and technology, working together to provide peace of mind for your customers and a product you can rely on.

Imagine a room thermostat. DT4 room thermostat.

Imagine a room thermostat

...with a slim, modern design
...that’s designed for compatibility
...and supports greener energy systems.

Installer fitting water leak detector and shut off valve

Water leak protection, where it matters most

Water leaks in the home can lead to potentially extensive damage. Give your customers the ability to stop leaks before damage can occur.


The next generation of multi-zone controllers

The HCC100 controls and balances a whole home system for efficient energy consumption. This all-in-one solution can be fitted with either wired or wireless Honeywell Home thermostats.

Resideo products create the supported home

Today's homeowners need help navigating the crowded markets and messaging of smart, reliable and intelligent home offerings. With products ranging from thermostats zoning solutions, alarms and awareness to water treatment solutions, even products for renewable energy opportunities, Resideo goes beyond installation to integration of holistic, whole-home solutions.


ProSeries panel.




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