The Thera-6 and V2000SX range

Designed to transform the performance, efficiency and reliability of home heating systems, our new range of thermostatic valves and heads offer the one-fits-all solution that stockists, specifiers and installers need.

Bi-directional flow

The V2000SX valves are designed and tested for a trouble-free operation when mounted in the supply- but also when mounted in the return side. This also allows to flip an external threaded angled valve and install it as an axial valve.

Extended warranty

The Thera-6 head designed with quality in mind comes with 10 years . And the designed for durability V2000SX range comes with 15 years warranty. That’s pieces of mind for you and your customers.


Discover what makes the Thera-6 head and the V2000SX valve range truly revolutionary. Built in Europe by a company with over 45 years of TRV manufacturing expertise, this range promises unrivalled style and engineering

Bi-directional flow

Fit the V2000SX valves in the supply or return of the radiator. Both options are possible

One valve for 90% of applications:

the V2000SX is perfect for every installation from new builds to retrofit projects

Designed with the AT concept:

Just the valve insert needs to be replaced, not the complete valve body –  for our V2000 valves back to the year 1974!

Quality products with extended warranty.

We offer 10 years for the Thera-6 range  and  15 years  for the V2000SX range*.

Extended warranty

Built in Europe by a company with over 45 years of manufacturing expertise, we are so confident of the quality of our products that we provide an extended warranty for them.*

* The lifetime is 10 years (Thera-6) / 15 years (V2000SX range) from the product manufacturing date. The guarantee is subject to Resideo's detailed warranty policy and terms of sale

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