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We are all looking for ways to make a positive impact. On the people around us. On our communities. On the planet.

As a global leader in manufacturing, we have a plan to do just that. From creating products and services that help reduce your carbon impact, to rethinking the way we use natural resources – together we can affect positive change on the world around us.

Here's how we do it…

Better Today.
Even Better Tomorrow

Behind every Resideo product is a commitment to sustainability. It guides our design process, ensuring longevity, efficiency, and recyclability that helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

We aim to benchmark ourselves to the highest global sustainability standards. In 2023 we proudly received a Silver Medal from Ecovadis, one of the world's most reputable benchmarks. We have improved our score by 10 points from 2022 and are ranked in the 92nd percentile of all companies assessed by Ecovadis, which includes more than 100,000 companies spanning 175 countries.

Download the report

Resideo is pleased to share its latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report. Download the report to see the steps we're taking to help protect what matters most: our people, our customers, and the planet.

Closing the Circle.
One Box at a Time.

Our approach goes beyond products too. We're developing smarter packaging from recyclable materials. So when you're finished with them, they can be used again and again. We're reducing the use of harmful plastics too, while working towards removing PVC's and expanded polystyrene altogether.

Together we can close the recycling loop — using fewer raw materials, creating less waste and delivering packaging that protects your product and our planet.

Powered by Big Thinkers.

Karla's a part of a team of designers, engineers and thinkers who focus on scaling down the size of component parts in our products, so we can reduce the amount of raw materials we use.

“Through our Green Horizons program, we're continually identifying inefficiencies at every part of the product life cycle and innovative solutions to solve them. I'm so proud to be part of a team that designs better products for a better world.”

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Built Different.
To Make the Difference.

Just as our products are designed with sustainability in mind, so are the facilities that make them and the energy we use. Historical ways of manufacturing are outdated and not suitable to face today's challenges.

Doing things differently takes commitment. Our version of 'different' transforms how we make our products, and makes it easier for you to reduce your environmental impact.


Our plant in Nagykanizsa, Hungary has reduced its non-renewable energy use by 8% with the installation of solar panels.


More than 50% of our facilities are ISO 14001 certified or compliant.


In 2022, Resideo recycled 79% of non-hazardous waste.1

Reducing Our Impact to Help Reduce Yours.

Our innovations don't end with solutions for your home. We're transforming the places they're made to ensure high levels of wellness and energy efficiency.

The goal is to translate ambition into effective action — globally. We recycle hazardous copper waste and reduce water usage and CO2 emissions at our production facility in Germany. We install solar panels to increase our renewable energy use and win multiple efficiency awards at our manufacturing site in Hungary. We pioneer better ways to make our spaces more sustainable — so they're better equipped to help you care for yours.

When It Comes to Sustainability We’re Not Just Pushing Paper.

Kuldip is our Senior Transformation Manager. Together with his team in the UK he's working on an innovative project to significantly reduce the literature you receive with our products.

Fewer manuals = less paper, less energy used to print them and less waste when you're finished with them. Smart thinkers like Kuldip are the catalyst for innovation that ensure our products and services are better for you and better for the planet.

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Little Choices with
Planet-Sized Benefits.

Sustainability is a journey that starts where we are now and leads to a better home for everyone. We all have decisions to make on how we get there — but we don't have to make them by ourselves.

We're creating more responsible products and services — enabling people to make choices that contribute to a reduction in their carbon impact. Together, all those little choices add up to a meaningful difference in the world around us.


In 2022, Resideo managed over 200 individual demand response events, shifting 7.4 GWH of energy to help keep powering communities.2

2.4 Million

In 2022, Resideo water leak detectors helped stop 2.4 million gallons of water and prevented $2.7M in insurance claims.3


Resideo connected thermostats offset the energy use and emissions of 275,000 homes in 2022, saving 2.2 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.4

Good for Our Planet.
Good for Your Home.

More efficient products mean less energy use. Less energy means lower bills for your home.

From there, the math is easy: through responsible design, sustainable manufacturing and your efforts to make a difference, we were able to reduce our collective energy use by 1.6 million tons of CO2 in a single year through connected thermostats alone. Imagine if this was applied to all of the products and services we offer and you'll see that together we can make a big difference to the environment, as well as saving us all money individually. It's a win win.

Life Beyond Landfill.

No one wants to see our products or packaging in landfill. We're committed to designing out pollution and waste wherever we can to create products that you can easily reuse or recycle.

Our innovations don't stop on our own doorstep. Whether we're working with our partners at ADI to refurbish and reuse thousands of discarded LTE radios, or collaborating with the Thermostat Recycling Corporation to save 9.3 tons of mercury from landfill, we're harnessing the power of partnership and collective action to ensure fewer of our products and materials end up on the scrapheap.

Our Impact Doesn't Stand Still.

Our energy services work with homeowners and utilities daily to reduce energy consumption. We also help shift gigawatts of energy from homes to where it is needed most, keeping communities and emergency services running without compromising the comfort of our customers.

amount of electricity moved and used better elsewhere

7,682,229 GWh

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It's Our Purpose.
It's Our Responsibility.

The technology we make has the potential to make a profound difference to the lives of more people than ever before. With that comes a duty to create products and services that make a positive impact — not just to the environment, but to our communities and the people that help them flourish.

Less Environmental Impact.
More Social Impact.

A culture where inclusiveness is inherent — not an initiative — is a culture where innovation and excellence thrive.

Embracing different perspectives doesn't just create a happier, safer environment for our people and partners. It's also the greatest tool we have at our disposal for creating better products and services for your home.

That's why we strive to bring diverse voices to the table, creating a safe and nurturing environment where our people and partners can make their voices heard and be proud of their impact on the world.

Building Future Talent to Build a Better Future.

In 2021 Resideo announced a strategic collaboration with Building Talent Foundation (BTF) to advance education, training, and career progression of young people and people from underrepresented groups, as skilled technical workers and business owners in residential construction.

By investing in people today, we can shape tomorrow's innovations — leaving a positive, lasting impact on our supply chains and our communities.

Our 2022 waste calculations include global manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Not included in these calculations are the emissions related to ADI retail locations globally and offices globally. We estimate these metrics represent more than 95% of Resideo’s total waste generation globally. Calculations completed for hazardous waste align with SASB’s standards for Electrical & Electronic Equipment. Calculations completed for non-hazardous waste are standardized across sites and consider waste incinerated, sent to landfill and recycled or reused.

The aggregated result comes from estimated performance from 28 utility and energy market load management programs during 2022.

Estimated gallons saved and insurance claims based on average flow rate, duration of leaks, and the average cost of a water leak claim. Insurance Information Institute,Water%20damage%20and%20freezing,11%2C650,-Wind%20and%20hail reports both the annual frequency of water claims already used in the calculation and the average claim severity in dollars;

Estimated energy savings from Resideo connected thermostats in 2022 and energy required in the average US home were equated to metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent using the EPA Greenhouse Gas Calculator:


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