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Which Thermostat is Right for You?

When it comes to thermostats, one size does not fit all. Your home is unique and your thermostat should be too.

Smart thermostat that helps with energy savings

See and Save

Are your electric and gas bills sky high? Keep closer tabs on your usage through a monthly home energy report to help you save money with one of our ENERGY STAR®-certified thermostats.

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Find ideal indoor air quality with smart home products

A Fresh Flow

Mold spores can thrive in damp areas of your home. Controlling air flow and maintaining indoor air humidity between 35-55% is key to reducing your risk of mold.

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Interested in Improving the Air Quality in Your Home?

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Control the airflow in your home with a smart home thermostat.

Save Money on Heating and Air

What's Driving Up My Utility Bill?

Leaky ductwork, poor insulation, and even time of day can put a strain on your HVAC equipment, as well as your budget.

Maintain proper airflow throughout your house with a smart home thermostat

We Can Help:

Proper filtering systems and sensors paired with an Energy Star® certified smart thermostat can help you manage airflow through your home. Regular maintenance and filter changes can help reduce strain on your HVAC system. An Energy Star certified smart thermostat monitors whether you’re at home and adjusts the temperature accordingly for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Get help installing smart home products from a Pro

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Let a Resideo Pro help diagnose your air problem, identify the right hardware, and install a connected system that will help you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

The Right Thermostat for You

From smart to simple and everything in between, we’ve got the thermostat that fits your lifestyle and comfort. It’s easier than you think to find the one that’s right for you.

Set It and Forget It

When life gets busy, you shouldn’t have to think about reprogramming your thermostat. Resideo’s smart thermostats adjust to you, helping to save energy by managing themselves around your busy schedule.

Resideo thermostats adjust temperatures based on location

Get Smart:

Resideo smart thermostats connect to your phone, and can adjust temperatures based on your location. When you are in your home, or within a pre-set perimeter (e.g., like your neighborhood) the thermostat will work to keep your home at your preferred comfort level. When you and your family are away, the thermostat will adjust the temperature to help save you money.

Pro helping homeowner choose smart thermostat

Take Control:

Let a Resideo Pro help you find a smart thermostat that will help you create a schedule that will not only help you save money, but make you feel more comfortable by ensuring the right temperature, at the right time.

Phone that shows how Resideo smart thermostats adjust

A Thermostat that Adjusts to You

Inconsistent temperatures can happen in your home. A smart home thermostat can help.

Comfort Where You Want It, when You Want It

Why is Every Room a Different Temperature?

No house is perfect. And many factors including vent location, time of day and even the amount of sunlight parts of your home receive can cause inconsistent temperatures.

Control your smart home thermostat with the Resideo App.

Zone Control:

Sensors and zoning solutions that connect to a smart thermostat help even temperatures throughout the home, creating comfort zones and helping to reduce energy consumption. Best of all, you can control it all from your app.

Control temperature in your home with a smart home thermostat

Take Control:

Controlling temperatures across your home is easy when you consult with a Resideo Pro. Let a Pro help you find a temperature control system that works for your home and even provide professional installation.

Bring Fresh Air in Without Sacrificing Comfort

With the right ventilation system your home can draw fresh, outdoor air into you home even on hot, cold or humid days. All without having to open a window or disrupt the heating or cooling temperature set in your home.

Family playing in house with fresh air.

Breathe Easy:

Enjoy clean, outdoor air with a TruFRESH ventilation system from Resideo available in Heat Recovery Ventilation and Energy Recovery Ventilation modes. The units work by drawing in fresh air while filtering outdoor particles before entering the home, so you can stay comfortable and save money without opening a window.

Let a Resideo Pro install a TruFRESH ventilation system

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Connect with a Resideo Pro today and discover how to bring in fresh, outdoor air into your home with a TruFRESH ventilation system.

Room with fresh air at any time of year

Outdoor Freshness, Indoor Comfort

Scented candles can cover up odors, while an air purifier can help the source of the problem.

Don't Simply Cover Odors

Don't Settle for a Temporary Odor Fix

When strong odors from pets, cooking or other sources fill your home, it’s tempting to cover them up. But scented candles and air fresheners only mask the problem.

Pet and mold allergies removed from HVAC system

Clear the Air:

Control odors throughout your home with an 24V UV Air Purifier with AirBRIGHT™ odor absorption by Resideo. AirBRIGHT works by removing mold, germs and odors as air travels through your HVAC system.

Let a Resideo Pro install an air purification system

Take Control:

Let a Resideo Pro install an air purification system in your home to eliminate airborne particles and smells. With AirBRIGHT, you can improve the air quality and breathe easier throughout your house.

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