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A laptop sits on a patio table with a pool in the background. On the screen of the laptop is a Pro PERKS member tier pyramid representing the four levels with star earning requirements, percentages saved on Resideo purchases, and the levels of benefits per member tier. The tiers listed from highest to lowest are: Platinum which requires nine stars and delivers 4% back on purchases and the highest benefits. Below that is Gold which requires seven stars and offers 3% back with significant benefits, followed by Silver, requiring five stars, offering 2% back and some benefits. Lastly is the Member tier with select benefits, which requires no stars. A logo for Resideo Pro Perks is positioned at the top left of the image.

Save 4% on your purchases

Hey HVAC and Plumbing Pros! Did you know that when you stock up for the busy summer months you can save up to 4% on your Resideo purchases with the Resideo Pro Perks loyalty program?

A group of thermostats product images.

Optimize Summer

Deliver the connected home experience that your customers want for optimal comfort and energy savings this summer with our wide range of smart, WiFi thermostats, room sensors and humidification controls.

A family  waling into their living room and a thermostat on the wall.

Win. Keep. Drive.

ProSeries brings it all together. We’ve added more features to the much-loved ProSeries platform that will make your job easier and your customers happier. It’s all together so dealers can win more customers, keep them longer and drive profits.


Today's homeowners need help navigating the crowded markets and messaging of smart, connected and intelligent home offerings. With products ranging from thermostats to air purifiers, alarms and awareness to water management systems, even energy management opportunities, Resideo goes beyond installation to integration of holistic, whole-home solutions.

air flow
Home Air and HVAC Products


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Resideo Water Leak Detector


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Home energy products


from simple to simply smart

Learn how our expanded portfolio ensures you have the perfect thermostat for every install, so you can deliver ideal comfort for all your customers.

Grow your business with Resideo for Pro


Partnering with Resideo just got more profitable. Sign up for access to the Resideo Pro Portal and open the door to more help supporting your business. Gain added visibility into your account activities, enjoy new training and service opportunities, plus be among the first to know of future opportunities and programs. The Resideo Pro Portal will also serve as the gateway to Resideo Pro PERKS, our new loyalty program.

Partner with Resideo Pro Perks

Your customers get a pro. Pros get the benefits.

Resideo training certifications

Specialized Training

Learn, install and service with confidence

Resideo loyalty awards

Loyalty Rewards

Get access to a wide variety of benefits 

Resideo sales growth tools

Sales Growth Tools

Receive marketing materials and social content

Resideo offers training programs to help pros install, maintain and service the latest connected devices.

get the edge with resideo for pros

Your homeowners turn to you for solutions, whether for issues they know about or opportunities they may not. Explore these common-and emerging-situations and how Resideo can help you be the hero they can count on.