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Smart Homes.
Smart Businesses.
Smarter for You.

The Tuxedo Touch® Controller brilliantly transforms new and existing VISTA® installations into smart homes and businesses.

E1 Pro and T3 thermostat

Sometimes Simpler is Better

For customers who want their comfort as simple as it gets, we offer the new E1 PRO and T3 Pro Non-Programmable Thermostats. Both with large buttons and intuitive and easy-to-read digital displays.


Get Ahead of the Sunsets

Upgrade to Resideo LTE to give your customers a fully integrated security experience before the 3G/4G and CDMA sunset.  Earn up to $55 when upgrading to LTE. 

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Next Level Defrost

This board can replace over 260 OEM and competitive models. Its small footprint installs without breaking any corners to fit the space. The dual LED display makes for easy setup and your customers will appreciate the quiet mode.

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Get ahead without leaving home

Each month we offer free, hour-long webinars that cover various topics about products and solutions to help your customers while helping your business grow.

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Sign up for a Resideo Pro Account and take your business further with a smart home leader and the Honeywell Home products you trust.


Today's homeowners need help navigating the crowded markets and messaging of smart, connected and intelligent home offerings. With products ranging from thermostats to air purifiers, alarms and awareness to water management systems, even energy management opportunities, Resideo goes beyond installation to integration of holistic, whole-home solutions.

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Home Air and HVAC Products


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Home Security Products


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Home Water Systems and Products


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Home energy products


from simple to simply smart

Learn how our expanded portfolio ensures you have the perfect thermostat for every install, so you can deliver ideal comfort for all your customers.

Grow your business with Resideo for Pro


Partnering with Resideo just got more profitable. Sign up for access to the Resideo Pro Portal and open the door to more help supporting your business. Gain added visibility into your account activities, enjoy new training and service opportunities, plus be among the first to know of future opportunities and programs. The Resideo Pro Portal will also serve as the gateway to Resideo Pro PERKS, our new loyalty program.

Partner with Resideo Pro Perks

Your customers get a pro. Pros get the benefits.

Resideo training certifications

Specialized Training

Learn, install and service with confidence

Resideo loyalty awards

Loyalty Rewards

Get access to a wide variety of benefits 

Resideo sales growth tools

Sales Growth Tools

Receive marketing materials and social content

Resideo offers training programs to help pros install, maintain and service the latest connected devices.

get the edge with resideo for pros

Your homeowners turn to you for solutions, whether for issues they know about or opportunities they may not. Explore these common-and emerging-situations and how Resideo can help you be the hero they can count on.