Pro-IQ™ Services – Activate New Levels of Service Intelligence.

“My furnace has broken down and it is very cold outside. Who can help?”

With limited means of HVAC monitoring at home, customer dialogue has traditionally happened only after something has gone wrong. Activate new levels of service intelligence with Pro-IQTM Services.

Stop Guessing and Start Planning with Pro-IQ™ Services

Pro-IQ™ Services is an adaptable suite of intelligent, predictive software tools that are designed for the evolving digital home. With Pro-IQ Services you can take customer relationships beyond the traditional install/repair life cycle.


Pro-IQ Services is available as a monthly subscription, at two levels to fit with your ambitions:

Level 1: Pro-IQ Essentials and Level 2: Pro-IQ Advanced.

Pro-IQ Essentials

Customer retention starts with the co-branded app.

Pro-IQ Advanced

Level up with live HVAC diagnostic insights.

Choose Your Level of Pro-IQ Services Intelligence

Monthly subscription

Pro-IQ Advanced

Monthly subscription

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Customers use your logo to connect to you ic-green-check ic-green-check
App used on average 22 times per month* ic-green-check ic-green-check
Pro-IQ LifeWhere HVAC monitoring kit ic-green-check
Know you before you go; save on truck rolls ic-green-check

Proactive customer support for recurring monthly revenue


*Based on Resideo internal data

Take Customer Retention Beyond Mailers and Stickers with Pro-IQ Essentials

Upload Your Logo to Our System

Get Constant Logo Visibility on the Resideo App Interface

Customers Can Reach You at the Touch of a Button

Level 2: Pro-IQ Advanced

Drive New Levels of Proactive Servicing with Pro-IQ Advanced

The Pro-IQ LifeWhere Solution HVAC monitoring Kit and Training

Know you before you go; save on truck rolls

Proactive Customer Support for Recurring Monthly Revenue


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Eliminate the Guesswork in HVAC Diagnostics with Pro-IQ™ Services
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Bringing your brand to our app with Pro- IQ™ Essentials
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Know Before You Go with Every Truck Roll - Pro-IQ™ Advanced
Pro-IQ™ LifeWhere AC and Furnace Install
Pro-IQ™ LifeWhere
Pro-IQ™ LifeWhere Portal Overview

Pro-IQ Services - Better equipped for the Future, Better Equipped for Growth

Find out more about how each subscription level can help you to win, keep and drive more business.

Want to Be a Pro-IQ Services Expert?

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