First Alert App Connected Products

Upgrade Your Connected Home Offerings

Unlock advanced features and gain access to thermostat, water leak detection/protection, and video solutions - all in the First Alert app. Now available to new users*!

*Homeowners who don't have an existing Resideo account.

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A Powerful Asset for Pros

Customer Relationships
Enhanced Customer Relationships

The app helps position you as a forward-thinking contractor, fostering trust and loyalty. And simplifying smart home control can lead to increased customer satisfaction with your services.
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Incremental Revenue Opportunities

The inclusion of video solutions (doorbell and outdoor camera) in the app means you'll have the opportunity to install additional smart home devices, boosting your incremental revenue potential.
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Differentiation in a Competitive Market

Offering thermostats, water leak detection/protection, and video solutions that can be controlled by one app can help you stand out from the competition, enhance your reputation, and attract tech-savvy customers.
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Simplified Installation & Handoff

With easy installation, smooth homeowner handoffs, and just one app to direct customers to, the app helps with time savings, allowing you to focus on revenue-driving installations, repairs, and other services.
Long-term Engagement icon
Long-term Engagement

The ability to control home comfort and regularly view videos will keep homeowners engaged with the app and your business. And with Pro-IQTM Essentials, your logo and contact information are easily accessible in the app, making it easy for customers to reach you when in need of service.

Homeowner Benefits

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Innovative Interface

Intuitive design allows for easy navigation and control of the devices, helping to manage and stay up-to-date on the home or business.
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Smart Home Partners

Integrate with preferred smart home platforms for the ultimate convenience and control.
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Improved Connectivity

Connect multiple devices across our family of brands. Our app bridges the gap, allowing the customer to take control.
Whole Home Monitoring

Access thermostats, water leak detection/protection, and video solutions – all in one app.

Need App Support? 

The First Alert App is currently available for users who do not have an existing Resideo account. If your customers are already part of the Resideo family and are adding to their network of devices, please visit our support center for more information, as well as for general app support.