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Smarter Management Along the Energy Journey

We're optimizing and simplifying how energy is used and managed, to protect what matters most today, and for generations to come.

Guiding the Future of Energy Management

The transition to a decarbonized world is underway, and we’re all feeling the effects of an increase in demand for power that’s outstripping supply. The way we use energy needs to change. It’s why our global teams are working hard with utility companies, OEMs, technology partners, banks and insurance companies as well as our network of installers and the homeowners they serve, to reshape key parts of the energy journey.

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Reshaping the Energy Journey, Together

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Leverage Resideo’s installer network and legacy as a trusted partner by offering your customers smart home technologies while we power your demand response programs.

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Meet your energy efficiency goals purchase Resideo efficient, renewable-run solutions and let us be your Super Aggregator to help you connect, monitor and service devices and take advantage of RMR.

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Customize and optimize energy management no matter which industries and customers you represent partnering with Resideo's experts, devices or services.

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Build trust with the homeowner by providing the latest technology complying with electrification / decarbonization regulation; sell smart, connected devices to homeowner.

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Be an energy hero, upgrade to smart/connected, expand your portfolio of connected devices, and register/enroll your devices to limit your utility bills and environmental impact and increase your comfort.

Optimizing and Simplifying Energy

Our innovative hardware, software and services are empowering organisations, businesses and homeowners to better manage and conserve our shared supply. We are optimizing and simplifying the energy journey to create a system that’s smarter, more efficient, sustainable and reliable.

Our optimizations are already delivering real results.

8-16% energy spend saved

With our T5/6 Smart Thermostats, homeowners saved up to 8-16% on energy.1

200,000 homes

In 2022, Resideo connected thermostats offset the energy use and emissions of 275,000 homes, saving 2.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.2

23 GWh of energy shifted

Since 2012 we've shifted 23 GWh of energy during the most stressful times on the U.S. grid.3

It's a Joint Mission

Discover how we're reshaping the energy journey for everyone from utility services, OEMs and tech partners, to installers and homeowners.

Join Us on the Journey

Get in touch with our Energy Management team to learn how we can support.

1 8-16%: High use of the scheduling features of the Honeywell Home T 5/6 Pro thermostat saved customers between 8 and 16% on heating and cooling bills. Dollar savings range based on nationwide average annual single-family detached home's heating and cooling bills.

2 275,000 homes disclaimer: Estimated energy savings from Resideo connected thermostats in 2022 and energy required in the average US home were equated to metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent using the EPA Greenhouse Gas Calculator: https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gases-equivalencies-calculator-calculations-and-references#houseenergy

3 23 GWh disclaimer: The energy metrics are estimated using performance data from Resideo managed Demand Response programs and translated assuming a 300W solar panel.