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Providing Comprehensive Energy Management

Resideo Distributed Energy Management Systems works with 27 major market utilities to provide demand response, energy efficiency and behavioral services around the nation.

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Severe weather, aging infrastructure, and generation shifts are creating a new grid dynamic. And that’s where Resideo’s DERMS can help you serve their customers with reliable, cost-effective demand side management solutions.


Volatility in the energy market leaves many Retail Energy Providers and utilities at risk. Our Load flex™ product provides a physical hedge for energy providers to reduce exposure to high energy prices through automatic reductions in home energy use with IoT devices.

Demand Response

Through real-time weather data, proprietary thermodynamic models, and machine learning, we can produce loadshaping strategies tailored to each provider ’s unique needs — reducing loads when needed to maximize effectiveness.

Time of Use

Customer thermostat schedules rarely match complex Time of Use programs. Thankfully our Time of Use product works directly with your team to automatically schedule pre- cooling and recovery time around an energy partner ’s peak inputs for a more comfortable and comprehensive customer experience.

Home Energy Reports

For a boost to behavioral energy efficiency, our Home Energy Reports contribute meaningful energy savings by providing homeowner insights into earned savings while prompting additional savings through success metrics and customized tips to improve.

Energy Efficiency Optimization

Our intelligent optimization service provides the next level in smart savings by adjusting set points based on real time, hyper local weather, and adaptive intelligence integrated into proprietary algorithms. Energy partners can maintain and increase energy savings by engaging in our Energy Efficiency program with their customers.

Connected Savings Intelligence Derms Platform

Through a single interface across multiple IoT devices, including thermostats, electric vehicles, water heaters, pool pumps and more, we’ve been able to tailor specific Demand Response strategies with flexible dispatch and white glove service that maximizes aggregated load shed while minimizing customer discomfort. This gives energy partners the ability to enhance Energy Efficiency and Demand Response offerings for optimized energy reduction while maintaining comfort—enabling a win-win-win for consumers, partners, and utilities.


The Connected Savings Intelligence portal has a direct install program that allows for pre- enrollment when a customers device is installed. Customers can easily sign up for Demand Response or other programs when they agree to the installation—saving the installer and customer valuable time and reducing customer enrollment drop off.


Our DERMS platform is integrated with the leading utility marketplaces, which enables customers to enroll their smart devices into the DR and EE programs at checkout and receive the enrollment incentive as an instant rebate..


A Better Way to Partner

We partner with leading connected device manufacturers, platforms, and service providers to delight consumers and deliver superior energy products.

Device Agnostic

While we manufacture our own thermostats, we also closely partner with other leading thermostat OEMs to support a broad range of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and pre-enrollment programs.

First in Class in IoT Partnership

Resideo’s partnerships are key in providing Whole Home IoT energy solutions. We work closely with major device manufacturers to expand control capability with deeper data analysis that provokes innovative control strategies. While continuing to expand our product portfolio into additional IoT devices around the home, including, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Water Heater Controls, Pool Pumps, Solar and Battery Storage.

Best in Class Service

Resideo’s data and first in class control strategy team tailors a comfortable customer experience while providing industry leading results for our Energy partners. To better serve you, we’ve expanded marketing campaigns to enroll and engage targeted customers, increased our pre-enrollment offering, and customize load shapes to deliver grid services exactly when you need them.