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Detect and Deter

Discourage would-be intruders from trying to break into your home. Long range motionviewers and video-analytic capabilities can detect and alert you to suspicious behavior, automatically turning on lights and sounds to help keep your home secure.

Discourage break-ins before they happen.

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Always Alert

Smart home security is about keeping your eyes open, noticing anything that moves and helping you feel in control of your home. A smart home security system allows remote arming and disarming of your alarm system, your motion detectors, and cameras, bringing real-time notifications all within the palm of your hand via a smartphone app.

Stay alert with the Resideo App.

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Connect and Protect

Safety and security go hand-in-hand, but the devices often don't. Install a smart security system to help you be aware of what's happening in and around your home with connected sensors, alarms, cameras and doorbells.

Let a pro find a system for your home.

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Considering a Home Security System?

Answer a few simple questions to find the products uniquely suited to you and your home.

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If I Lock the Door, Why Do I Need a Home Security System?

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Always Watching:

A connected home security system does many things, like linking your system to an app or website where you can see what’s happening at home. They can even alert you when suspicious activity takes place. With devices like smart cameras, sensors and video doorbells, you'll always know who's at the door whether or not you're home.

A woman syncs her Resideo mobile app to her wall-mounted home security device.

Take Control: 

Let a Resideo Pro help you choose and install the right security system for your home, specifically, one that lets you see who’s at the door or on your property anywhere, anytime.

Is a Deadbolt Enough to Deter an Intruder?

Home intruders look for the fast, easy points of entry. Many times, that means choosing entry points like windows rather than picking locks.

Smoke alarm

Stay Safe:

Safety goes beyond things that go bump in the night. Sometimes things go awry during the day too, and they can have nothing to do with theft or intrusion. Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide leaks are real issues that require real intervention real fast. Share your love with the ones you love and consider professional monitored protection coupled with sensors and devices that talk to each other as well as first responders. Because in a home emergency, every second counts.

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Take Control:

24/7 monitoring, along with connected sensors and devices installed by a Resideo Pro, can let you know the moment something happens so you or first responders can take action.

Going Beyond Alarms and Cameras

Security systems do more than help deter bad guys. They can also detect and alert you to harmful gases, fires and other home issues to help keep you safe.

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Is Safety the Same as Security?

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Why Would I Need a Security System if My Crime Rate is Low?

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Take Control: 

Talk to a Resideo Pro to find out how sensors and systems can help you open, close, lock and unlock doors, check on backyard gates, even know if a cabinet was tampered with from anywhere, anytime.

Help Protect and Serve Your Home

Security systems do more than alert you to break-ins. They help you manage locks, lights and even keep an eye on your pets while you’re away.

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Remote Control:

Have you ever left the house and then left the garage door up? It happens. In fact, a lot of things happen by accident that can leave your valuables vulnerable. From unlocked doors to forgotten outer lighting to unarmed alarms, put your home on lockdown and control it from wherever, whenever with your mobile device.

Can Different Devices Work Together?

Many smart home devices are designed to work in unison so connecting them via app is usually a breeze.

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Security in Sync:

A smoke detector doesn’t work quite the same as a light switch, doorbell or a security camera. Safety and security go hand-in-hand, so should the hardware. The right devices work together to create a whole home system that helps keeps you safe, secure and comfortable in and outside your home all within the same app.

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Take Control:

Customize your home with connected security devices that work together to monitor your home day and night.

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Systems Designed to Stay in Sync

A Resideo professional installer speaks with a customer while they look at a mobile tablet.

Leave It to the Pros

Professional installation gets professional results. By partnering with a Resideo Pro, you’ll get product recommendations, personalized advice and ongoing support from our team of trained experts.

Download the Resideo App and support your Honeywell Home security devices in one easy-to-use app

Take It All with You

Download the Resideo App and support your Honeywell Home devices in one easy-to-use app that makes it simple to control home comfort, monitor activity and more from anywhere, anytime.

Who is Resideo?

Find out more about who Resideo is as a company and all the ways we want to help you protect what matters most.