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how to upgrade your thermostat

Well done! You have made the first step in both saving money and helping the environment by choosing to upgrade your thermostat.

Through this helpful guide, you can learn how to find the right thermostat, discover helpful information and start enjoying easy, cost-effective heating and cooling management that benefits everyone.

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Thermostats can help you control a number of different home heating and cooling features—from temperature to air conditioning. Additionally, some thermostats operate on time schedules or can be controlled remotely via a mobile device, which offers even greater control.
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Scale & UPgradability

As your needs change, so can your comfort requirements, which is why it's so important to choose a thermostat that can scale to meet your needs over time.

To further help, many Honeywell Home T-Series thermostats are mounted on a Universal Wall Plate that allows you to change models by simply 'popping' one in place of the other.

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Honeywell Home thermostats have been keeping homes comfy for over 150 years and are relied upon in over 150 million homes globally. And thanks to smart functions that measure temps to 0.5 degrees—beyond the range of sensitivity of human skin—you can count on the right temperature at the right time.


There are many thermostats to choose from, so which one is right for you and your home? Take this simple quiz, and then contact a pro to find the best solution for you.

Learn More About Your Home

Watch our support videos to get a good understanding of how ready your home is for an upgrade, along with how to best install your new thermostat.
How to Identify Your System Type
Before you start, see why it's useful to identify your heating and cooling system.
What is a C-wire and do I need it?

Learn about what a C-wire is through this video read more through a helpful article.

C-Wire Adaptor
How to wire the system

Follow this easy-to-understand guide to get started on installing your selected thermostat.

is your home compatible?

Knowing your home's wiring can make a difference. Follow these step-by-step instructions to identify if your current wiring is compatible with this thermostat.

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2.4 GHz

Auto Home/Away Mode


Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Humidity


Wireless Remote Indoor Sensor


How to Buy

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how to buy a thermostat

Our thermostats can be purchased directly and installed in a number of different ways, from simple DIY projects to a more complex process where a trained Pro from our network can buy the model and then do the work for you.

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Our over 75,000 Pro's offer top-quality service while enjoying access to professional solutions and services. Use the Find a Pro tool to find one in your area.
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A list of retail stores carrying Resideo thermostats. Home Depot, Lowe's, Best BUy, Wal-Mart, ACE, Menard's, Do It Best, Amazon, True Value, Target, B&H, Friedman's, Fleet Farm, Smarthome, ABT, Jerry's Home Improvement Center, Blair's Farm & Fleet, United Hardware, eAccess Solutions, Valu Home Central, Dixieline, Nebraska Furntiure Mark, Sylvane, Thomas R. Owens.


Many of our thermostats are available through retails stores and are designed for DIY'ers, thanks to helpful features such as 'automatic wiring configuration' and in-app setup assistance. Browse stores near you to get started.

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more ways to save

Try our Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much you could get back in incentives, rebates, and optimizations.

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Many energy utilities offer rebates in return for allowing simple optimization of the energy consumption on smart thermostats. These rebates can often cover the full cost of the thermostat upgrade.

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Resideo offers a subscription service called Energy Care. For a small fee, the service can optimize your thermostat to your needs using outside data such as weather, ensuring your smart thermostat becomes even smarter.

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