A woman installs a water leak detector under a sink.

Detect Water Leaks, Temperature and Humidity Levels - From Anywhere.

Help save your home from potential water damage with the L1 WiFi water leak and freeze detector.

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A Daily Essential.

More time at home means you’re more reliant than ever on your home’s water. Upgrade to cleaner, safer and cost efficient water.

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Focused on Quality

Our water products are designed so you don’t need to give them another thought after installation. Efficiency and longevity are key features to help you save money.

Catches Drips and Temperature Drops

Help save your home from potential water damage with the First Alert L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector smart device. Easy to install and WiFi ready. The water leak detector is designed to help you avoid potential water damage and costly repairs.

A smartphone screen shows an app notification for a leak detected in the home.

Alerts that Let You Act Quickly

Even when you’re away, the reliable L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector monitors temperatures and can warn you of leaks with led lights, a 100-decibel alarm, and this reusable, smart device sends mobile push and email notifications, alerting you to water leaks, freezing temperatures and humidity out of the set range.

A water leak detector on a wall near a broom and a water heater that is leaking.

L1 WiFi Water Leak Detector
with Humidity & Temperature Tracking

Stay Connected to Your Home

Use the Water Leak Detector as a standalone product or part of a comprehensive water leak control solution by extending the reach by adding additional sensor cables or pairing multiple current or legacy Water Leak and Freeze Detectors together.

The Water Leak and Freeze Detector also integrates with the professionally-installed Resideo L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve to stop leaks once they are detected. The WiFi Water Leak Detector can also partner with your Maytag® Smart Washer to make you aware of water or moisture detected in your laundry space.

A woman checks the water leak detector near a washer and dryer unit.

Feel More
Secure when
You Leave Home

Wash Safely

Even when safety is top of mind, preventing hidden dangers in your water heater and at the tap probably isn’t. You need your home working to keep you and your loved ones safer.

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Safe from Scalding

Handwashing is crucial to helping prevent the spread of disease. It’s important that your home’s water temperature is hot enough to kill germs but not so hot that it scalds.


Resideo Braukmann AMX300 Series
Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The Right Temp Every Time

Water heaters need to be set at 140˚F or higher to kill bacteria but this could lead to scalding water at the tap. Our Resideo mixing valves allow you to set your water heater to a higher temperature to reduce the threat of bacteria growth, yet the mixing action helps prevent scalding at the tap.

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Help Stop
The Spread

A woman has just finished exercising and wipes her brow with a towel while holding a bottle of water.

Better Water.
Better You.

Improve What’s in Your Glass

Stay hydrated with filtered water – right from your tap.

A person fills a glass of water at a sink.

From Behind the Wall to Your Faucet

Innovations hidden behind your walls play a vital role when it comes to you and your family’s wellbeing and daily life.


Resideo Braukmann FK06 DialSet®
Pressure Regulating Filter Combination

Improve Your Water’s Purity

Our pressure regulating filter combo valves ensure a continuous supply of filtered water straight to your faucet, helping to reduce sediment buildup and improve your water quality.

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Designed to Protect Your Budget

Quality Equals Savings

The reputation of Resideo and Resideo Braukmann water products reaches across the world.

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Prevent Damage and Save

Water damage is usually unexpected and can be expensive. On average, water leaks can cause up to $12,514 in damage.* But it doesn’t need to be that way. Products that withstand the test of time mean fewer repairs and can save you time and money.

Resideo water leak detectors helped save $2.7 million in insurance claims in 2022.1

*Insurance Information Institute


Product DS06-c11-6 image

Resideo Braukmann DS06 Series DialSet®
Pressure Regulating Valve

Protects Your Appliances

Our pressure regulating valve decreases spikes in water pressure and backflow to protect your appliances from damage caused by high water pressure – saving you money and keeping your home up to code.

iPhone screen shows an app showing the 'Leak Detected' warning

Keep an Eye on It

If you’re juggling more than one property – we’ve got you covered with alerts on your phone if there’s a water leak or significant change in temperature and humidity.

Leave It to the Pros

Professional installation gets professional results. By partnering with a Resideo Pro, you’ll get product recommendations, personalized advice and ongoing support from our team of trained experts.

Who is Resideo?

Find out more about who Resideo is as a company and all the ways we want to help you protect what matters most.

Estimated gallons saved and insurance claims based on average flow rate, duration of leaks, and the average cost of a water leak claim.Insurance Information Institute reports both the annual frequency of water claims already used in the calculation and the average claim severity in dollars.