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Maytag Brand and Resideo Are Here to Provide You Peace of Mind

Built with the performance you need, you can count on Maytag® washers to help you move mountains of laundry. Put the power of Maytag in your hands by pairing the select Maytag® Smart Washers with a Resideo WiFi Water Leak Detector. So you can go about your day with confidence knowing these brands will monitor and notify you in the event that water is detected in your laundry space.


Maytag Brand + Resideo are working together to bring additional peace of mind to your laundry space.

The innovation works by installing the Resideo WiFi Leak Detector behind or in front of select Maytag® Smart washers. The cable of the Resideo WiFi Water Leak Detector is wrapped around the base of the washer, allowing it to monitor for water and moisture surrounding the washer (view installation diagrams). In the event of any water detected, the Resideo WiFi Water Leak Detector will send a notification to your phone through the Maytag™ app and pause any active wash cycle.

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One App

Receive notifications from the Water Leak Detector in your MaytagTM app.

Prevent Damage

In the unlikely event that you experience a leak the Water Leak Detector will notify you in the MaytagTM app and pause the cycle.

Peace of Mind

Maytag brand and Resideo are names you can trust to stand for quality and dependability.

Retailers in Canada

Our customers in Canada can find the WiFi Water Leak Detector for sale at any of the retailers listed below.  

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Alerts on the Go

Be alerted to leaks and more anytime, anywhere with the Resideo app.

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