From Simple to Simply Smart.

A good name goes a long way in this business—we know this for a fact. And for over 120 years, our thermostats have delivered dependable solutions to HVAC contractors.

A Thermostat for Every Job

No matter what you're looking for, Resideo has the Honeywell Home thermostats for the job.
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Simple to set up


Alerts when away from home for low temperature or loss of power
Remote comfort control
5-year warranty
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Flexible programming
Energy Savings
5-year warranty


Simple non-programmable basics, fully connected solutions and everything in between. Resideo is proud to deliver the Honeywell Home thermostats you and your customers rely on. Just like we’ve done for generations.


For simplicity and ease, look no further than Honeywell Home non-programmable thermostats from Resideo. Reliability and the flexibility to use these thermostats in a variety of install applications allow you to easily meet your customers' home heating and cooling needs.


Blend comfort and efficiency with WiFi Thermostats like the T10 Pro Smart Thermostat. Resideo offers a range of smart WiFi thermostats to meet your customer’s needs. Various models feature wireless room sensors, humidification, dehumidification, or ventilation control, and geofencing.


Programmable thermostats can help your customers save energy while maintaining comfort in their homes. Help homeowners set daily heating/cooling schedules with the low-maintenance control of a Honeywell Home programmable thermostat from Resideo.

e1 pro thermostat on wall

Non-Programmable Thermostats

E1PRO Thermostat

E1 Pro           


Up. Down. On. Off. The E1 PRO Non-Programmable Thermostat makes operation comfortable for any customer, with a backlit display for simple visibility, day or night.

T3 thermostat

T3 PRO           


The T3 Pro is a basic and intuitive thermostat with an easy-to-read digital display and up and down vertical buttons.

Connected Thermostats

T10 thermostat

T10 Pro Smart


The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLink® Smart Room Sensors is our smartest thermostat to date with extended reach throughout your customer’s home.

Prestinge Thermostat

Prestige IAQ


Help your customers achieve greater indoor air quality comfort with the Prestige® IAQ Thermostat from Resideo. The robust RedLINK® wireless capabilities help give homeowners unprecedented control over humidification, dehumidification, and ventilation.

Prestige IAQ thermostat on wall
T4 thermostat on wall

Programmable Thermostats

vision pro 8000 thermostat

Vision Pro 8000


The VisionPRO 8000 Smart Thermostat makes it simple for your customers to be connected. It uses their existing WiFi network plus Resideo’s free Total Connect Comfort services, for remote access to their comfort settings – easily.

T4 pro thermostat

T4 Pro         


The T4 Pro Programmable Thermostat streamlines everything from installation to customer service and support. With a 7-day programmable schedule and simple interface, the T4 can enhance the entire thermostat experience for you and your customers alike.

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IAQ Conversation Starter

This simple homeowner survey will help them quickly figure out what indoor air quality products and solutions are right for them.

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