Resideo Pro Solutions

Extend Your Impact

The supported home goes beyond one-way connections to two-way relationships, and you’re at the center of it all.

Simplify the Smarter Home

A lot changes over 130 years, so we’ve learned to keep it simple so you can keep on track. From installation to operation, our smart home experience behind the wall, on the wall and in the cloud make it easier to connect your business to your customers.

Resideo App

Support Your Customers with the Resideo App

You support the home and the Resideo App is here to help. Simple to setup and easy to navigate, its connectivity creates a smarter home for your customers even when you’re not there.

Unite the Supported Home 

Home means different things to different people. And when it comes to your customers, they’re counting on you to help their home feel right at home. The place where memories are treasured, treasures are protected, and promises are kept.


Air Quality

Smart home air quality

Comfort Zone

Adjusting the home to the family’s schedule was as easy as meeting the family.




Full Attention

Deterring break-ins and being alerted of smoke and fire are top of mind.

Water drop

Water Protection

Resideo Water Leak Detector

Water Wise

You helped detect a leak before it caused additional damage.



Managing Home Energy With Resideo

Hits Home

A call about a too-cold room was your opportunity to showcase a balanced solution.

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Access the new Resideo Pro Portal to help you support the business that supports your customers’ homes. Expand your service opportunities, manage your account activities, explore product training and strengthen the relationships that matter most.