Always on duty

Resideo’s water control products will help prevent your customers from experiencing potentially costly water leaks and frozen pipes. Whether they’re home or away, your customers will be alerted to leaking or freezing pipes by the Resideo app, and if required, the water supply can be shut off immediately.

Installer fitting water leak detector

Designed to work where leaks are most common

The detector can be placed in areas where water could cause damage, making it ideal for bathrooms, utility rooms, under sinks or around pipes. If a leak is detected, the shutoff valve automatically shuts off the water supply.

Not at home? Not a problem

Your customers can be confident that their Water Leak and Freeze Detector will send notifications to their phone via the app wherever they are. Home or away, each connected system senses water leaks and temperatures that may freeze pipes. 

Water leak detector under kitchen sink

Extend and expand

The L1 WiFi water leak and freeze detector includes a cable sensor which detects water along its entire length. When paired with the L5 WiFi water leak shutoff valve, additional cables can be added, allowing you to loop and lay the sensor in large spaces.

Leak detection

Water damage can happen to anyone and can cause serious damage to the home and household items.

The Resideo Braukmann L1 WiFi water leak and freeze detector keeps your customers connected and alerted to potentially costly water leaks and frozen pipes, giving them an opportunity to act. Whether they’re home or away, they’ll receive notifications on their smartphone via the Resideo app and can take immediate action if needed.

The WiFi water leak and freeze detector also works with the Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi water leak shutoff valve to shut water off as soon as a leak is detected.

Water leak shut off

Help your customers stop potentially damaging water leaks before they occur.

Working together with the Resideo Braukmann WiFi water leak and freeze detector, the WiFi water leak shutoff valve can stop leaks by automatically shutting off the water flow from the main supply, helping safeguard belongings and the home’s structure.

Working with the Resideo app, the homeowner and can set alerts to their smartphone or their selected installer, enabling them to be notified immediately of a leak and allowing pre-set shutoff locations.

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