Installer standing at door.

Resideo’s latest heating season campaign to highlight the everyday heroism of installers

The busiest period of the year for heating engineers is looming, and with increasing energy bills being a major talking point across the UK, it's anticipated that homeowners will be looking to installers to help them save energy this winter.

In fact, a recent survey* by leading heating controls manufacturer Resideo, found that the ongoing increase in energy bills remains a real concern for Brits, with 89% saying that they were ‘concerned’ or ‘very concerned’ by rising energy costs.

To support installers in providing advice and guidance to their customers, Resideo has launched a new campaign to highlight the practical recommendations installers can make to help mitigate rising energy bills now and into the future.

The campaign, which uses the tagline ‘Every crisis needs a hero – installers, this is your time’ will highlight the everyday heroism of the installer community, demonstrating the true value of the work installers do and the impact they can have, particularly as the energy crisis looms. With this in mind, Resideo will also be on hand to support installers with digestible information that can be used to initiate conversations with customers about efficiency, as well as a range of quality products they need to truly make a difference.

There are currently thousands of UK households without adequate heating controls who may inadvertently be using more energy than they need. Throughout the campaign, Resideo will support installers in their recommendations to customers, who are looking to make a change to get the very best out of their heating, with advice on using existing heating controls more effectively and the difference small upgrades can make.

For example, swapping an old mechanical thermostat for a load compensating thermostat can help your customer save up to £181 annually. A further £327 per year could also be saved, by upgrading a customer’s manual radiator valves to thermostatic radiator valves**.

There may also be customers who do want to make an investment and go for a full upgrade of their system now to help with savings further down the line. Resideo’s survey of 1,000 UK homeowners* highlighted that more people in the UK are actively looking for ways to reduce their energy bills through heating controls such as thermostats. In fact, 43% of those surveyed said they would be willing to spend money on the latest heating controls if it meant they could save money in the long term.

Here, by replacing their manual radiator valves with electronic thermostatic radiator valves and their mechanical thermostat to a modulating, OpenTherm zoning thermostat solution, such as the Honeywell Home evohome, they could save over £585 per year based on current energy prices**.

Resideo will be providing support to installers via the campaign with informative online content and in-person events that will run right across the busy heating season and into 2023.

Martin Wilson at Resideo said: “This year’s heating season feels like it will be busier than ever due to a mix of those wanting to get the most out of their existing boiler plus those wanting to replace and update.

“Price hikes are making people think carefully about energy, and installers at the coalface are well placed to offer advice. This winter, installers will go about their business in the same way they have always done. And yet this year, because of the crisis we find ourselves in, they will be our heroes in our hour of need; working to mitigate some of the impact of the energy crisis.

“At Resideo we want to do everything we can to support installers in giving their customers practical advice, backed up by a range of high-quality, industry-leading solutions.”

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