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ProSeries security and life safety platform

ProSeries life safety products connect to advanced smart home products and technology, working together to provide peace of mind for your customers and a product you can rely on.

All our technology. All our expertise. ProSeries brings it all together

The ProSeries platform, our ultimate connected security solution, offers your customers the most comprehensive and integrated security system all under one roof. Our largest-ever range of supported home and small business solutions are scalable, modular, and can be customized for your customers’ individual lifestyles and price points.

Less hassle. Fewer site visits. More for your bottom line.

Works with Alexa

ProSeries has a modular design with seamless hardware and software suitable for residential and small business installations.

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A scalable security platform

ProSeries offers security and life safety in one platform, with stress-free installation and professional monitoring, it's a reliable solution for homes and businesses, enabling you to reach more customers and increase your customer base.

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Modular by design

ProSeries installations can be customised to match your customers’ lifestyle or business, and grow to incorporate new technology over time, meaning you only have to pay for the products you need. 

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Save time and money with remote maintenance

ProSeries services includes AlarmNet 360™ platform to enable remote maintenance and scheduled software updates, it even tracks how customers use their products so you can anticipate their needs before they do.


Designed for professional installations and upgrades in homes and businesses, the highly scalable ProSeries Panels support a wide selection of sensors and devices using SiX™ two-way, wireless technology with highly secure AES-128 encryption. Supporting SiX™ devices support over-the-air updates and are locked with the panels, helping to prevent system takeovers.


ProSeries security products are complemented by a range of supporting life safety devices and smart detectors that can alert to flood, smoke, heat and CO and trigger one-go-all-go alarms throughout the building. All these features work together to provide a reliable solution for homes and businesses, increasing your customer base.


ProSeries keypads are wireless and intended for use with ProSeries control panels and be mounted directly to a wall. The LCD keypad provides maximum convenience and control with its bright and large custom alpha display. The LED wireless secondary keypad is perfect for installations such as by the garage door or in the master bedroom.


The ProSeries MotionViewers® allow users to react with insight and give your customers a heightened awareness of what's happening before their eyes and throughout their home or business so they can protect what matters most. ProSeries MotionViewers® are battery-powered devices that include an integrated PIR motion sensor, digital video camera and white flash illuminators.

Security accessories

ProSeries products are designed to be flexible. Its modular design is based on a single platform, so it adapts to any home. And if your needs grow, it can grow right alongside them. The platform is supported with a full range of accessories

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Software and supported services

ProSeries is not just hardware, it is enhanced by a dedicated installer platform; AlarmNet 360™, Resideo Pro and Total Connect 2.0 apps and supported services offering the most comprehensive security solution to meet the needs of your customers.

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Simplify installation and configuration

The Resideo Pro App is specifically tailored for use by installers. It simplifies the installation and configuration processes for ProSeries. Users benefit from faster installs and more ways to connect with customers.

Note: The Resideo Pro App requires a Resideo Pro Company account to access:

Keep your customers connected

The Total Connect 2.0 App integrates with ProSeries products. Through our app end users can remotely control security, react with insight viewing the MotionViewers® and control thermostats, lighting, locks, and more. This lets your customers stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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