Installer fitting L1 water leak detector underneath a sink

Help homeowners stop water leaks at the source

Instances of everyday tap, pipe or toilet leakage in homes can have psychological, practical, and financial impacts on homeowners, with water leaks potentially causing significant damage to homes if not promptly detected and attended to. As a professional installer, no doubt you will have received urgent phone calls from homeowners asking for emergency help when the worst happens.

According to the average claim for ‘escape of water’ on a building insurance policy is £9,344* - and for many homeowners, this only becomes a reality when they experience a leak or flood. The Association of British Insurers also states that insurers pay out around £1.8 million** every day to customers who have made ‘escape of water’ claims on their home insurance.

In some cases, insurance may cover the damages, but policy limitations and deductibles can still create unexpected financial costs for consumers. Indeed, in extreme cases, households may need to relocate and move furniture and belongings while repairs are made even temporarily.  This level of daily life upheaval is expensive, inconvenient, and highly stressful!

However, help is at hand as smart technology solutions can play a pivotal role in mitigating the unwanted consequences of water damage in the home, by alerting homeowners early to leaks so that small issues can be prevented from becoming bigger – and more costly – problems. 

As such, installers can be central to assisting homeowners by promoting the availability and functionality of water leak prevention and detection solutions designed to alert households and protect properties. 

You can also offer sage advice and best practice preventative maintenance support to reduce the risk of water leakage for your clients. For example, a thorough, regular inspection of the client’s plumbing system, including pipes, taps, toilets, and appliances; checking the water pressure is within the recommended range; and checking that the pipes are correctly protected ahead of cold seasons.

Preventative care to the next level

To take preventive care to the next level, and provide peace of mind, installers can communicate the positive benefits delivered by a reliable leak detection system; one that is easy to install and operate.

The Resideo Braukmann L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector is placed in areas where water can lead to tangible damage and is deal for bathrooms, utility rooms, under sinks, or around pipes. WiFi-enabled, the L1 alerts incidents of leaks or frozen pipes with smartphone notifications via the Resideo app. It can also send alerts within the home itself, via LED lights and a 100 dBA alarm system.

However, if the worst happens and a leak is detected, the Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve can be an excellent choice.  It automatically turns off the water supply to the home when the L1 detects water via the 1.5 m sensor cable attached to the device.

And the leak detection range is available for extension by up to 152m by adding other sensor cables. In addition, the L5 can also be paired with the L1 leak detector and Resideo app so homeowners can control their water supply from anywhere.

Finally, by pairing these effective and efficient product solutions together with the Resideo app, homeowners can even set alerts to notify you as their installer, or indeed a neighbour or family member, of any leak or shutoff events, meaning corrective actions can be undertaken without delay.

Collaborating with your clients by making them aware of the proven solutions that can reduce the chance of water damage, can be a powerful way to further cement long-term relationships and even build business opportunity.

More take-up of smart technology prevention and detection solutions will help reduce the high level of current costs facing UK homeowners due to water leak events.

It’s time to get smart to reduce the risk of water damage.

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