Honeywell Home Doorbell hangs on wall near a kitchen.

Life-changing home innovations for the deaf or hearing impaired

Honeywell Home’s range of extra loud and visual alert doorbells have been recommended by the charity Action on Hearing Loss as suitable for use by the deaf and hearing impaired community.

For those of us who have little or no hearing impairment, we take everyday inventions such as the doorbell for granted. People arrive at our home, knock or ring the bell, and we are alerted to their presence and answer the door. Simple, right? But what if, like 1 in 6 of the UK population, you suffer some sort of serious hearing impairment? How do you know those visitors or deliveries have arrived? You need a visual prompt, and Honeywell Home provides just that with a range of doorbells with visual alerts.

We’re thrilled that the charity Action on Hearing Loss (formerly the Royal National Institute for Deaf People) is recommending Honeywell Home products on their website as suitable for use by the deaf and hearing impaired community.

Perfect for use by the profoundly deaf or those with hearing impairments, these doorbells cleverly combine bright, flashing lights with extra-loud chimes, creating a customisable alert system that will ensure you never miss a visitor or delivery again. Using two separate light features, these doorbells boast a fantastic visual alert system that is guaranteed to catch your attention. The LED strobe is set into the top of the doorbell and flashes an extremely bright white light to alert you to the fact that the push button has been pressed. Complementing this is the stylish and subtler Halo light, which can be set to illuminate in up to six different colours to match your mood and your room, again lighting up when the doorbell has been activated. Both lighting systems work in tandem with the audible chime, which can be set as loud as 90Db (audible over 100m) for those people living with hearing impairment. Handily, you can also mute this chime to avoid disturbance to other family members, which is especially useful if you also have babies or pets in the house.

The flashing light and sound level is ideal for my elderly, partially-deaf mother-in-law who lives with us…

Amazon review – January 2017

To ensure you really won’t miss a visitor again, Honeywell Home’s Series 9 doorbells, such as the DC915N are also portable, meaning you can take them around the house with you and keep them in sight at all times. With a reliable wireless range of up to 200 meters it really can go everywhere with you, even out into the garden, for total peace of mind that you’ll be alerted when that parcel arrives, or that friend pops round for a visit.

When I am working in the garden I turn it up to full volume and I think my neighbours in the next road can hear it!

Amazon review – January 2017

Honeywell Home doorbells are incredibly easy to set up and use, so you can spend less time reading the manual and more time getting on with your day. Plus, with ActivLink technology, you can add a wide range of accessories to truly customise your doorbell to suit your home and family. For example, if you have a front and back door you can link two push buttons to a single doorbell to ensure you’re alerted to visitors at either entry point. You can even add accessories from our extensive range of home alarm products. Add a door and window sensor and your Honeywell Home doorbell will alert you when a door or window is opened, which is great for peace of mind if you have young children in the house. Or add an external motion sensor and get an early alert as soon as someone turns up on your driveway.

Find out more about our range of doorbells with visual alerts, here.