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Resideo introduces new air quality products with 10-year warranty

The UK Government has recently responded to a consultation on proposals to extend the current Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015,1 . As part of the changes, it is proposed that carbon monoxide alarms will be mandatory upon installation of any heating appliance (excluding gas cookers) in all tenures through building regulations.

This makes the new additions to Resideo's UK product portfolio very timely. Resideo has introduced two new air quality products to its home security portfolio: the Honeywell Home R100C-1 Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm and the Resideo R200C2-A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor. With a 10-year warranty as standard2, the new products give added peace of mind to both the installer and homeowner.

The Honeywell Home R100C-1 Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm helps protect against the threat of the invisible CO gas, often referred to as the 'silent killer', and is currently available in the UK market.

The Resideo R200C2-A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor can be used in residential or commercial applications, such as schools, care homes and offices. In the current COVID pandemic the device can be a useful tool to indicate when ventilation needs to be improved.

Martin Wilson, Sales Director at Resideo, explains the significance of the new products: "Ahead of the proposed changes to the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015, our latest product developments are already helping homeowners keep the air in their homes cleaner. And with both products coming with a 10-year warranty as standard, both homeowners and installers can take advantage of added peace of mind for years to come."

To find out more information on the Honeywell Home R100C-1 Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Resideo R200C2-A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor visit: www.resideo.com 

Notes to editors:

  • 1. https://www.propertymark.co.uk/resource/smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-alarm-rules-extended.html
  • 2. Terms and conditions apply to Resideo's 10 year warranty. Full policy details can be found in the respective product installation manuals and Resideo's terms and conditions of sale.
  • Resideo's 10 Year warranty policy applies to the following products: R100C-1, R200C-1, R200S-1, R200H-N1, R200ST-N1, R200C-N1, R200S-N1, R200C-2, R200S-2, R200H-N2, R200ST-N2 R200C-N2, R200S-N2, R200C2-A, and R200C2-A-UK.
  • Honeywell Home R100C-1 Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm: The Honeywell Home trademark is used under a long-term license from Honeywell International Inc.

The key features of the two new products are:

Resideo R200C2-A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor

10-year life and warranty

Clear LED reading

Room temperature

Humidity detection

Alert system

Discrete design

Voice notifications

Backup battery

Wall mounting or freestanding placement options


Honeywell Home R100C-1 Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm

10-year life and warranty

Alarm sound levels linked to CO concentration

Seven -day alarm memory

Easy touch button

End-of-life signal

Super slim design

Visual alarm for the deaf or hearing-impaired

Hush mode/mute

Fault hush

Ambient light sensor



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