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Resideo reintroduces braukmann name to high-quality water product portfolio

Rolle, Switzerland, 18 May 2020 – Resideo Technologies Inc. (NYSE: REZI), a global provider of home comfort and security solutions, today announced that it is reintroducing the Braukmann product family name to its high-quality water product portfolio.

The changes reflect the company’s on-going journey to build the Resideo brand. European customers will start to see the name appearing on water product packaging from June onwards.

The first products to be reintroduced with the Braukmann product family name are the potable water products, such as pressure reducing valves (PRVs) and water filters. The name will also start to appear on some hydronic system products, such as balancing valves.

Resideo acquired the Braukmann company in 1980 from its founder, and with more than 75 years of experience in the European residential water control market it’s become well-known for demonstrating proven reliability. The water products can be found in more than 18 million households and are trusted by over 100,000 installers.

In addition, Resideo continues to innovate and is now introducing lead-free models to home owners. With the same reliability and efficiency, these newer products further enhance the environmental benefits.

Mario Moura, Products & Solutions managing director EMEA explains: “This move is about taking another step in our exciting Resideo journey. Reintroducing the Braukmann name to our well- known potable water product family acknowledges a different and important part of our heritage, that we are proud of, and gives us an opportunity to talk to our customers about it."

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