Security installer fitting the ProSeries All in One Panel

Tap into rising demand for home security

Opportunities for modular and scalable alarm solutions were just two of the findings revealed in research Resideo recently carried out amongst both consumers and security professionals. 

With hybrid or home working expected to remain the working norm for years to come - and more people spending increasing time in their home as a result - worries about security and property protection have come to the fore. In fact, according to consumer research, 32% of homeowners now feel more concerned about home security than they did before the COVID crisis.

And whilst home security worries were expressed within the research, it is noteworthy that out of 1,000 consumers surveyed, 46% admitted they did not have a home alarm fitted. Further underpinning home protection concerns were the 59% of consumers who openly stated that they were worried about being broken into when they were not at home.

Greater anxiety regarding home safety was consistent across most consumer age groups. However, it was the younger age group of 18 – 24 years that felt the most worried with 47% saying they were now more anxious about their home safety and security than before the pandemic. Interestingly, it was men who admitted they now felt increased concern than they did in 2019, with just under two fifths of men (39%) vs over a quarter of women (27%) stating a heightened awareness.

The research also found that ‘home safety’ meant more than just protection against theft. When asked what they feared most, burglary when not at home still resonated as the top concern amongst those questioned. However, this was closely followed by break-ins when they were at home, where 43% were worried about finding unwanted visitors in the property when they were there.

The term ‘safety’ went further too. The risks posed by fire and carbon monoxide leaks were not far behind theft, with 41% listing this as a concern. Here, recommendations for products with wider capabilities had real appeal, and the ability to incorporate carbon monoxide monitoring as part of the alarm system featured highly in the answers across all age groups.

Opportunities for security alarm professionals

Such findings reinforce a tangible market opportunity and the need for security alarm professionals to engage with an increasing number of people for whom home security and safety is a new priority. Starting conversations about the range and suitability of product solutions on the market can help unlock business wins for installers and answer what is a clearly articulated demand by the public.

Security alarm professionals also had their say in the research carried out by Resideo. When asked what was most important to them as far as product solutions were concerned, the answer was clear. It is the ability to scale up a solution over time by using a modular offering.

Other important functionality features included remote monitoring and remote maintenance (42%), which were viewed as excellent ways to maximise installation and ongoing performance efficiencies.   

As a professionally installed and monitored security and life safety platform for residential and small business applications, Resideo’s new ProSeries platform offers the ideal solution to meet the needs of both homeowners and trade installation professionals highlighted in the two surveys.

It is both scalable and modular by design meaning that bespoke systems can be built to suit exact needs, with additional and important features such as window breakers, panic alarms and links to CO alarms easily added. ProSeries also incorporates seamless hardware and software at its core.

The ProSeries solution has been protecting homes and businesses across America and Canada since 2020. The introduction of a version specifically tailored for the European market is good news for security installers, homeowners, and small businesses, who want to protect what matters most.

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