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EW6001AC2000 Singlejet Heat Meters G 1, 2.5 m3/h

SKU: EW6001AC2000

Product overview

Honeywell Home EW600 Series singlejet heat meters are used for heating and/or cooling energy measurement in hydronic heating, cooling or air conditioning systems. They are typically used for submetering applications.

  • The meter can be integrated into a HON RF system of Walk-By or AMR Network or into a M-Bus System
  • IrDA interface
  • Communication modules retrofittable in the field
  • RF AMR / Walk-By S-Mode according OMS
  • RF AMR / Walk-By C-Mode according OMS
  • M-Bus with 2 x Pulse In
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • 10 year battery lifetime
  • Hydraulic impeller wheel sensor with magnet-free scanning according to the inductive principle for lowwear and reliable long-term measuring operation
  • Storage of the maximum supply flow and return flow temperatures as well as the maximum current flow with date
  • Monthly consumption values will be stored for 15 months (revolving)
  • 8-digit LCD to indicate current value, old value, check number and many service and operating parameters
  • Programming of the device-specific parameters (e.g. due date) is possible on site using the control keys or the IrDA interface
  • The wheel impeller speed is scanned electronically. Incorrect direction of flow is detected and indicated by a fault message in the display


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