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Radiator controls for every need

Controlling rooms or zones with efficient radiator controls is key to making a home comfortable in the most optimal way. Making sure they reliably work over long periods time requires experience which Resideo has.

Finding the right radiator control

Every home is different. Renowned for our reliability, Resideo has a range of controls, to suit.
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Our innovative range of thermostatic heads deliver ultimate control of individual room temperatures. They are an important part of a modern heating system. Our thermostatic heads, allow the flow adjustment through the radiator to maintain the required temperature in the room.
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Suitable for use with radiators, convector heaters and heaters. Our wide product portfolio also provides a range of other features, such as built-in or remote sensors, anti-theft mechanisms and positive shut-off functions. From residential to commercial Resideo offers a reliable compatible solution that fits your needs.
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Designed to match the environment they are in, Resideo’s Radiator controls are built to last, and easy to use. Made from high tensile plastic and forged metal durable components our controllers are the choice of Installers globally.

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