A Series 9 doorbell with a white halo trim sits on a countertop

Smart doorbells and chimes

Flexible, Exceptional, Beautifully Designed. The last doorbell you’ll ever buy. Never miss a visitor again. A portable doorbell that grows with your family and adapts to your lifestyle, with an outstanding 200m wireless range supported by ActivLink technology for total peace of mind.

A Series 5 Euro Doorbell In Silver Grey Blue halo trim with strobe is plugged into the wall near a laptop.

Series 5 doorbells

Stylish, Compact, Sleek. Designer doorbells that blend seamlessly into any home. Compact, chic doorbells that are bursting with amazing features and pack fantastic sound quality too. Portables, plug-ins, or both, there's a Series 5 doorbell to suit every home and family.

A Series 3 Nightlight with Red Halo is plugged into a wall socket and charges a phone via USB

Series 3 doorbells

Simple, Versatile, Reliable. The best in simple and efficient doorbell kits. A hassle-free, reliable doorbell, ready to go straight out of the box, with a choice of up to 4 high quality melodies and a two year guarantee. You can be set up in minutes - simply fit, and forget.

A classic honeywell home doorbell mounted on wall.

Classic doorbells

Honeywell Home Classic Wired Doorbells offer traditional styling with a choice of sounds, and can be powered by batteries or from an external transformer.

Features and benefits

Discover what makes Honeywell Home Doorbells truly revolutionary.

wireless range icon

Never miss a visitor or delivery

Take our portable doorbells anywhere around your home and garden, with ActivLink technology providing a reliable wireless range of up to 200m. Or link two doorbells together to boost your range up to 400m.

An icon of a crescent moon with a light bulb just above it.

Visual alerts

The Halo Light and LED Strobe features are discreet but effective visual alerts which complement your chosen melody in loud environments, or help to alert you when the doorbell can’t be heard. Nightlight mode can also provide a soft, comforting glow to guide your way in the dark.

A mute icon.

Disturbance free

With adjustable volume and innovative Sleep/Mute mode, which mutes the doorbell indefinitely, or for a prescribed period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours, your family can relax free from disturbances during movie nights or nap times.

An icon graphic of two smalls screws and a battery. Just below is a checkmark graphic.

Easy to install and use

All Honeywell Home doorbells come pre-linked and ready to install straight out of the box, with optional screw-free installation and an easy open battery compartment so you can be set up in minutes.

Portable Honeywell Home doorbell mounted on a wall

Wired doorbells

Discover our extensive range of wired doorbells to suit every home, from basic, simple to use doorbells and chimes to portable options with audio and visual capabilities.

Discover Honeywell Home doorbells

Discover our Honeywell Home range of revolutionary new wireless doorbells for your home.

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A series 3 doorbell with pink trim.

Wireless doorbells

Discover our Honeywell Home range of revolutionary new wireless doorbells for your home.


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