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Monica Davidson
Senior Communications Manager for EMEA

Resideo Helps European Installers and Consumers Tackle Energy Efficiency Challenges With New Multi-Purpose Room Thermostat

Rolle, Switzerland, June 2023 – Resideo Technologies Inc, a global provider of home comfort and security solutions, today announced that it is responding to installer and consumer energy efficiency challenges with the introduction across Europe of its new Honeywell Home DT4 room thermostat range.

By taking the simplicity and reliability of the mechanical room thermostats of the 1970s, and combining it with modern sleek design and engineering of today, Resideo has developed and delivered a room thermostat range that directly responds to installer feedback to offer:

  • ✓  A slim modern design that blends into the décor of a consumer's home.
  • ✓  A versatile room thermostat that can be integrated into both new and older style heating systems, making it a natural choice for an installer to carry in the back of their van.
  • ✓  A solution to help consumers improve the energy efficiency in their homes through its eco state functionality, which reduces or boosts temperature for a period of time.
  • ✓  An advanced choice that can work with smart heat zoning solutions, including underfloor heating and heat pump solutions.

The key product features that make it multi-purpose and the smart choice for installers to recommend to their customers include:

  • ✓  Three colour options.
  • ✓  Easy to install and use.
  • ✓  Wired or wireless communication with options for time proportional (TPI) or modulating appliance control.
  • ✓  Five-year warranty comes as standard2.
  • ✓  Designed for compatibility:
    • ✓  Backwards compatible with existing Honeywell Home wireless products.
    • ✓  Works with a range of boilers, zone valves, solid fuel heaters and electric boilers.
    • ✓  Works with a range of greener energy systems such as heat pumps and underfloor heaters.
    • ✓  Wireless and Opentherm options work seamlessly with Resideo's popular Honeywell Home evohome and new Honeywell Home HCC100 Underfloor Mult-Zone Controller.

The timing of Resideo's new European product development will be welcome news not only to installers, but could also play a part in the decision making of the European consumers who told Resideo that they would, or were unsure, about spending money on the latest heating controls if it meant they could save money over the longer term1:

  • Nearly four out of five UK homeowners (78%)
  • 92% of Italian homeowners
  • 90% of German homeowners
  • 89% of Spanish homeowners.

Luke Cairns, Resideo's EMEA Senior Product Manager, explains the difference the room thermostat can make to installers and homeowners: "One of our company values is to start with what our customers need. During our product development process, we spent time with installers across Europe to make sure that what we delivered would have a positive impact on their installation and application requirements along with the energy efficiency challenges their customers are facing."

Notes to Editors

  • 1Research carried out on behalf of Resideo by OnePoll in June 2022, surveying 1,000 homeowners living in each of the following countries: UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. And surveying 919 in Belgium and Netherlands combined.
  • 90 European installers and over 300 customers provided feedback used in product development process during 2022.
  • 2See terms at
  • The Honeywell Home trademark is used under a long-term license from Honeywell International Inc.

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