Product overview

The T6/T6R smart thermostats are designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of heating systems in homes and apartments.

  • Guided setup on Thermostat and App
  • Location based temperature control (Geofencing)
  • Smart Home ready

It is compatible with 24-230V on/off and OpenTherm(R) appliances such as gas boilers, combi-boilers and heat pump. Also works with zone valve applications but not with electric heating (240V).

  • Attractive, ultra-modern styling makes it ideal for any location in any type of home
  • Table stand or wall-box mounting thermostat options to fit a new and replacement installations
  • WiFi communication to connect to the Internet
  • Smart Home and Apple HomeKit read
  • Honeywell Home mobile App for: Remote view and change of Settings, Schedule changes, Smartphone Geolocation temperature control
  • A dynamic text display on the LCD that gives enhanced feedback to the user/installer
  • High LCD Contrast and backlighting for easier viewing in all light conditions
  • Time out screen with selectable brightness
  • Factory programmed daily or 5+2 default heating schedule
  • Schedule with up to 6 independent time and temperature pairs to suit the comfort needs
  • Hold until temperature override of programmed schedule temperature till the next switch point
  • Schedule off mode for manual operation
  • Set point and room temperature always displayed
  • OFF position has an integral frost protection setting at minimum 5 C so that pipes in the house will never freeze in winter
  • Alert messages to assist in fault-finding
  • Receiver box with clear LED indication and override button
  • A flip up wiring platform for easy wiring
  • On/Off or OpenTherm compatible heating control
  • User menu allows extra functions to be set at the discretion of the user: Language selection, WiFi Setup, Optimisation, Clock Setting, Resetting the heating program to factory Default, Brightness, Temperature Offset, Lock function
  • Advanced menu (Installer Set-Up) allows extra functions to be set at the discretion of the installer to match the consumers applications and needs: Language selection, 5+2 or daily schedule Option, Upper/Lower Set point Limit Adjust, Minimum ON time, Cycle rate, Factory reset, Binding (wireless version)


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