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SG150-1/2EA - Without fittings, set pressure 6 bar, 15 mm

SKU: SG150-1/2EA

Product overview

Safety groups of this type are used to protect pressurised water heaters according to the requirements of DIN 4753-1, EN 806-2 and DIN EN 1488. They are compact appliances which incorporate all the necessary safety devices such as check valve, shut-off valve, test point and diaphragm type safety valve in one unit. The safety valve protects the downstream cylinder, pressure vessel etc. by automatically opening when excess pressure occurs. The check valve prevents back pressure, backflow and back syphonage of water from the hot water unit.

  • Tested according DIN EN 1488
  • Fully approved for noise level protection to class 1
  • Meets UBA regulations for drinking water
  • With insulation shell
  • Replacement insert makes servicing simple
  • Easy venting
  • Standardised
  • For hot water tanks up to 200 liter


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