Construction site with warning on fence

Indoor and outdoor wireless colour video security solutions

Videofied is a complete security system with all the devices and accessories needed to make any installation successful and any site secure.

Videofied is a complete protection system

Suitable for use on construction sites, vacant sites, and remote locations to commercial properties such as shops, offices, banks, and warehouses to residential properties. Videofied products offer a complete protection system that can be totally stand-alone. Trust your wireless security system to effective, even in bad weather.

Outdoor MotionViewer on construction site.

Do away with false alarms

The MotionViewer camera produces a video instantaneously in a matter of seconds which is sent immediately to your remote monitoring station or smartphone.

Central Monitoring Station staff looking at alarm screens.

Protection and privacy

Cameras are only activated if there is an alarm or panic alert. Outside these situations, the remote monitoring station cannot see what is happening in your site or home.

Commercial outdoor security system on site.

Totally wireless

Videofied products can be attached anywhere, from walls to pillars, scaffolding and even against a vehicle using the magnetic supports. The system is as easy to install as it is to remove.