Proper filtration prevents damage

Installing filtration products removes particles in potable water systems such as rust particles and grains of sand which can cause considerable damage to the water system and appliances.

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Drinking water protection​

Cleaner water, the clear choice

Water is essential for everyone but without the proper filtration it’s not acceptable for drinking and can cause significant damage to water systems and appliances. High-performance filter technology and a patented backwash system make the Braukmann devices essential components of modern drinking water installations.

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For industrial and commercial appliances


The F76S fine filter and F78TS-F flanged fine filters are used to prevent the ingress of dirt particles for industrial and commercial applications. The patented reverse rinse mechanism ensures flow is always available, even during the backwash process.

Prevent damage

Cleaner water helps protect the water system

Properly filtered water helps maintain water systems by preventing the damaging particles from entering. Grains of sand or rust particles rinsed into the pipe system can cause significant corrosion and corresponding consequential damage. That is why potable water circuits must be equipped with a protective filter according to DIN 1988.

Filtration solutions

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