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Under pressure?

Pressure reduction is a vital component in a water system that can help to extend the life of your installation.


Reduce pressure, reduce damage

Braukmann pressure reducing valves and pressure regulators protect pipes, valves and devices from damage caused by excessive water pressure in houses, buildings, industry and external water supply.


Water pressure that is just right

Make showering or hand-washing more comfortable without the sting of water pressure that is too hard and too loud. No matter how high the pressure or the fluctuations are, we have the right solution to manage this effectively.


Save water and money

Reducing high water flow and pressure in the home also reduces water consumption and saves money. If water consumption per person is approximately 140 liters per day with a system operated at 6 bar, reducing the operating pressure to 3 bar will reduce the consumption to only 99 liters per day per person.

pressure reduction

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