Customize comfort with the Resideo smart home apps

Smarter homes are connected homes. Better control, more comfort and security and bigger energy savings. Our apps enable faster installs and remote monitoring of devices so your customers can manage their home heating and security any time, anywhere.

Resideo online portals

Control, configure and remotely manage your security system, thermostats, video cameras, and more.
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The Resideo Pro App

The Resideo Pro App is specifically tailored for use by installers. It simplifies the installation and configuration processes for a range of Resideo products including HCC100 and ProSeries. Users benefit from faster installs and more ways to connect with customers.

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Easier installs

As a local installation tool to accompany Resideo compatible products the Resideo Pro App can configure products via Bluetooth®, WiFi and cellular connectivity to reduce errors and save time with installations.
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Always up to date

Your business is linked to your customers homes via the Resideo Cloud enabling installers access to usage reports, service diagnostics and built-in tutorials.
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Homeowner handoff

The Pro App enables seamless homeowner handoff, letting you move on to your next project. Invite homeowners to use their smartphone app to control their devices.

Get the app

The Resideo Pro App requires a Resideo Pro Company account to access:

Independent Comfort and HVAC installers can register on Resideo Pro Portal here
Independent Security installers can sign up for AlarmNet 360 platform here.

You work for a company? Please check with the owner or administrator if you have already a Resideo Pro Company account. If not, we advise the owner or administrator to create one in line with the core business.

App download

The Resideo Pro App is compatible with iOS and Android devices and to download on both App and Google Play stores.

Supported products

Resideo - Smart Home App

With the Resideo - Smart Home App, you can take control of your home comfort and always know what's going on at home, at the touch of a button. Resideo - Smart Home App is compatible with the latest OS versions of iOS and Android. We suggest always checking the applicable app store (i.e. App and Google Play Stores) for compatibility using the device that you will install the app on. See the range of products our app works with below, so you're always in control - no matter what else happens.

One-touch dashboard

Conveniently verify the status and control your connected devices from one place. Change your temperature setting, view the status and last image taken by your camera, or watch the relative humidity of your water leak detector.


Using geofencing technology, the Resideo - Smart Home App  keeps track of your location and knows when you’re returning - adapting your smart home technology to suit your needs. Your thermostat will automatically set to your preferred temperature, ensuring your home is comfy and cosy on your arrival. Home or Away modes will also be enabled on your C1 and C2 Security Cameras depending on your location, automatically turning the camera on when you leave the house, then off when you come home. So it’s always in tune with your movements


The Resideo - Smart Home App is as flexible as you are. So you can program your comforts for the week ahead — and adjust them easily if your plans change suddenly.

Download the Resideo - Smart Home App

The Resideo - Smart Home App is available on both Google Play and App Stores. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices

The Total Connect Comfort App

The Total Connect Comfort App brings you the peace of mind you need, knowing your home is safe, secure and under control, making it easy to manage multiple thermostats and security devices across many locations — for the whole family.

Thermostat features

  • Control your heating from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet
  • View and change your temperature settings and heating schedule
  • Activate quick actions and system modes
  • See the current outdoor temperature and 5-day forecast

Security features

  • Arm, disarm, or check to see what’s happening inside your home
  • Get text or email alerts sent to your phone
  • Automatic snapshots sent when the camera’s motion sensor is triggered
  • Arm the system and if you have evohome smart zoning or the Single Zone Thermostat, your heating will turn itself off automatically

More control

PC and tablet browser control is now available for the TCC App, giving you more control, from anywhere, of your home comfort.
Quickly check in on what’s going on at home from any desktop or tablet, control multiple zones, and adjust your home heating with ease.
View all temperatures, and get a clear visual overview of your home, whenever you need it.
Simply log in via the TCC login button at the top of this page.

Download the Total Connect Comfort App

The Total Connect Comfort App is available on both Google Play and App Stores. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices