Comfort and Security Solutions

People want products they trust from brands they know. Resideo gives consumers and professional installers control and confidence when it comes to the comfort and security of homes — through a portfolio of solutions from the Honeywell Home brand.

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Our large global footprint and 130+ year heritage of taking care of the home position us perfectly for growth in an exciting new era of connectivity and efficiency.

Direct Access to Market Trends

ADI's large global footprint gives Resideo distinct scale and network advantages — including insights into market trends and a rapid channel-to-market for new products — allowing us to quickly adapt our product portfolio to meet evolving customer needs.
ADI Direct Access

Smart, Connected Solutions

As homes are getting "smarter" and more connected, we are leading the way with one of the largest and most comprehensive product portfolios on the market. Years of expertise and award-winning design in home technology — and effective distribution channels — will be our key to success.

More than 5.6 million of our customers are already connected, leveraging our solutions' seamless integration with today's most popular home automation products.

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