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Resideo Announces Subscription Partnership with FilterEasy

Company launches first direct-to-consumer subscription service

Scottsdale, Ariz., (Dec. 18, 2023) Resideo Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, energy management, security and safety, today announced a partnership with FilterEasy to launch a filter replenishment service. Resideo’s first direct-to-consumer subscription service will provide consumers with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) air filter replacements when they need them.

The filter replenishment service will feature FilterEasy’s innovative 1-inch Magic Filter™ sent directly to your home. Its compact, eco-friendly design requires significantly less packaging to ship compared to traditional filters and features efficient air filtration via an 8 or 10 minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating. Homeowners that require an air filter larger than 1” will receive traditional filters that are best suited for their HVAC system.

“Our first consumer subscription service represents a critical step to help homeowners proactively take care of their homes while saving time, money and energy,” said Nick Dalsin, Vice President of Homes Services and Business Development at Resideo. “People often forget to replace their air filters, and their equipment suffers because of it. Now they can count on Resideo for automatic filter delivery, taking one thing off the never-ending to-do list.”

Clogged filters can impact HVAC performance, causing inefficient heating and cooling, reduced airflow, poor indoor air quality, and larger overall energy consumption. Replacing a clogged, dirty air filter with a clean one can lower an air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5-15%. Frequently replacing air filters can help prevent the hassle of HVAC repairs, which can average around $410 in repair costs.

In the future, Resideo’s smart thermostat users who subscribe to the filter replenishment service can optimize their experience by electing to receive filters based on their HVAC system’s run time.

“Because of the robust knowledge that Resideo’s Honeywell Home smart thermostats provide, we have unique opportunities to customize service offerings and smarter fulfillment for both homeowners and our HVAC professional partners that serve them,” said Dalsin. “We are excited to continue to find innovative ways to make life easier for our customers and drive new service models for our professionals.”

The service features a guided “Find My Filter” experience, where customers can identify the size, MERV rating and quantity of filters needed for their home. Subscriptions are available at


The Honeywell Home trademark is used under a long-term license to Resideo from Honeywell International Inc.

 About Resideo

Resideo is a leading global manufacturer and developer of technology-driven products and components that provide critical comfort, energy management, and safety and security solutions to over 150 million homes globally. Through our ADI Global Distribution business, we are also a leading wholesale distributor of low-voltage security and life safety products for commercial and residential markets and serve a variety of adjacent product categories including audio visual, data com, wire and cable, and smart home solutions. For more information about Resideo, please visit

About FilterEasy

FilterEasy, LLC is a leading manufacturer and direct-to-consumer distributor of air and water filter products. The subscription-based service eliminates the stress of remembering when to change filters in the home to maintain healthy air and drinking water. With just a few clicks via its modern e-commerce design, customers are set up to receive their filters on-time, when it’s time to change them - never having to think about it again. FilterEasy is proud to offer its proprietary MagicFilter™ alongside traditional air filters. For more information about FilterEasy, please visit

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