Caroline Thompson
Marketing Manager

Leap, Resideo Unlock Added Value for Amazon Smart Thermostat Customers Through Demand Response

New initiative will create additional financial benefits for homeowners and bolster grid resiliency.

SAN FRANCISCO--( March 15, 2023)--Leap, a leading platform for energy market access, today announced the launch of a new demand response offering in coordination with Resideo Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, security and safety, for Amazon Smart Thermostat customers in California. Amazon Smart Thermostat is an ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostat that works with Alexa to give customers a simple way to keep their home comfortable and energy-efficient. Through this new collaboration, customers can purchase a discounted Amazon Smart Thermostat and enroll in demand response programs with Resideo in a few easy steps.

Demand response and other grid services programs compensate energy consumers for reducing their usage when the grid is strained, helping to lower the grid’s carbon emissions and enable the integration of more renewable energy sources. Leap’s platform facilitates fast, automated access to energy markets so that smart energy devices, such as smart thermostats, can easily participate in these grid value streams. Resideo is a leading provider of residential load management programs for utilities and energy markets that - through its Grid Services team - optimizes thermostats to help keep homes comfortable, while easing congestion on the grid during peak demand.

“We are proud to join forces with Resideo to create more value for their customers and the electric grid,” said Thomas Folker, Leap CEO and Co-Founder. “This partnership enables homeowners to purchase an Amazon Smart Thermostat at a reduced cost and to help keep the lights on in their communities during emergency grid events.”

In 2021, Amazon Smart Thermostat joined Resideo’s Connected Savings portfolio, enabling customers to participate in utility rewards programs. Now, in cooperation with Leap, Resideo is scaling up homeowner participation in grid revenue programs by offering competitive enrollment incentives to customers, including cash incentives and utility bill credits.

About Leap

Leap is the leading global platform for generating new value from distributed energy resources through integration with energy markets. Leap does all of the heavy lifting, seamlessly connecting technology partners to high-value revenue streams and providing a simplified, automated access point for market participation with batteries, electric vehicle charging, smart thermostats, HVAC systems, and other flexible assets. By making it easy for distributed resources to participate in energy markets, Leap lays the groundwork for virtual power plants (VPP). Leap empowers its partners to provide resilient, zero-carbon capacity to the grid while strengthening engagement with their customers through new value streams.